The Dynamic Between Boruto And Kawaki, Boruto Surpassed Naruto And Sasuke, Eida Crush On Boruto In Two Blue Vortex


Boruto’s New Jutsu and Immense Power

It is fair to say that just like he killed all Claw Grimes simultaneously, Boruto Uzumaki, the only Shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village, has Surpassed Naruto and Sasuke. He dealt with multiple Claw Grimes in a single cut. At the same time, people see that Kawaki struggled against the limitless Code. But Boruto overpowered him; he once claimed that he could defeat Naruto and Sasuke individually. He did this by making Sasuke a tree. But let’s remember Mitsuki’s perfect Sage Mode here. He defeats Code without activating Karma. Here is the vital thing to note: Mitsuki claims Kawaki that he could not still defeat Boruto. Remember that Jigan defeated Both Naruto and Sasuke in their prime. 

Boruto new jutsu
Boruto new Chakra

Boruto Claims that his new Jutsu has increased his physical capabilities. If anyone tries to attack him, he will be met with the effects of Uzihiko because Boruto is now multiple times faster than light. Toad’s belt markings are stated to superiors to Minato’s flying Raijin. Naruto and Sasuke were more rapid than light before the fourth war, but now Boruto Two Blue Vortex has space-time Ninjutsu. Due to Sage Mode and KCM2, he could dodge speed-light attacks. Later, in Boruto Manga Online, this speed level is showcased again with Delta’s light beam. In time-skip, Boruto was stronger than the limitless Code. He is way faster than the speed of light. The Karma grants him space-time Ninjutsu, where he can open his wrist to any location, including foreign directions. By this, he can absorb any incoming Chakra-based Jutsu and could heal himself. Boruto’s ability to fly is natural, and he uses it to take advantage of Mitsuski and put his feet on Code’s face.

Kawaki’s Decline and Boruto’s Rise to Power

So far, Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Boruto, and Kawaki have been getting completely different treatment from Hidden Leaf Villagers. Boruto has been on the run from Code and Konohagakure for the past three years. They have dramatically risen in power to defend themselves and stay alive in the series. But Kawaki has been living inside of the Hidden Leaf Village. After three years of time-skip, both want to accomplish their own goals. Boruto completely overtakes the central role of the story. In the past, both characters ultimately shared the same goal of wanting to live an everyday life; however, with Kawaki’s growth obsession with Naruto. Kawaki activated the Omnipotence Jutsu, which framed Boruto as a village traitor. Boruto has overcome these deficiencies compared to Kawaki in terms of standing inside Konohagakure. However, he has been able to make his team and win some characters such as Shikamaru, Eno, and Mitsusuki.

Meanwhile, Shinju took their plan into action by invading Konoha. It’s becoming quite clear that Kawaki has been thrown aside. Kawaki planned to eliminate all Atsusukies. Framing Boruto as a villain of the story, Kawaki was viewed as the true son of Naruto and had plenty of resources to get closer to his goal. 

Kawaki down in power than boruto

Shinobi vs Otsutsuki

However, Kwaki has grown soft three years later while living in the village. But his over experience with Karma Seal and getting caught off guard by a  Claw Grimes. After all this, Mitsusk is surprisingly knocked out and then destroyed by Shinju’s enemies. He has been doing his best Code impression to start the time skip because he had gotten weak. Under Naruto’s care, he has been training many things as a Shinobi, such as Shadow Clone Jutsu discovering his Chakra; he was desperate to stop Jigan from helping Naruto and the villagers. But after losing Mitsusuki’s battle, he tried to get stronger without the Karma. Mitsuki told him that he needed Karma to beat Boruto. But how was he going to be able to protect Hokage? Once he gains his Karma Seal back during the Code Arc. He understood that Karma had given him the purpose of killing Boruto Uzumaki in a postcode battle. In two blue vortexes, Kawaki completely abandons the Shinobi techniques Naruto taught him. He exclusively uses Mitsuki, the ability to fly, Karma, and the scientific tool cybernetics, which was initially installed onto his body. While fighting with Shadow Clones, no fire-style judo or ninjutsu techniques were used.

At the same time, Boruto has developed incredibly powerful techniques such as flying thunder Gid Jutsu. He has fought many more brutal battles, fighting Code and getting junked by all four Shinju enemies. He displayed an incredible power to stay alive and fight back. Kawaki realizes that he is far from Boruto’s power level anymore. Ultimately, Boruto will have more experience and Karma as a Shinobi in Two Blue Vortex. Both characters have embraced their source of power. Boruto enhanced his Shinobi skills, and Kawaki enhanced his Otsuski power. Boruto has yet to activate his Karma, and Kawaki has to use any Ninjutsu. Both characters can do so. We can tell that who has benefited more by their powers. According to Mitsuski, Boruto is level above Kawaki and can fight all four Shinju. At the same time, Kawaki is instantly beaten by Jira. To accomplish his goal, he needs to be more powerful; of course, he will get stronger by abandoning his Shinobi techniques. 

Shinobi vs otsutsuki

Amado aims to revive his daughter via Kawaki’s Karma and with Delta. These two will conspire together, allowing Kawaki to gain more strength to take down Boruto’s Two Blue Vortex. Kawaki is too far gone to go back to embracing the Shinobi way. Also, the age of Shinobi is over, and he will start to destroy what Naruto wants to build up.

A Love Triangle and the Search for Boruto

Boruto unlimited Riz gained a new girl called Eida. In Two Blue Vortex, Eida is simply over her latest crush, claiming he is too cool (Boruto Uzumaki), just like Mitsuski. Eida’s power forces everyone to fall in love with her except Mitsuski. She admitted in the past that Boruto was an option. However, he was too young, but now that he is all grown up. That is not the first time when she was seen gushing over Boruto. She protects the person he loves, his brother Kawaki. But Eida yearns for this treatment, but Kawaki only sees her as a tool, asking to track down Boruto and Mitsuki. But even now, she is helping to atone for her sins by giving him time to escape. Eida is not the only one realizing how hinged Kawaki has recently become as a Delta. She admitted to Boruto that he was coming off cowardly, making her sick. Eida is not the only one cheating on Kwaki as Mitsusuki goes up to discuss his feelings. The two discuss the feeling of love, which was implanted into Mitsuki by Eida. Kawaki orders Eida to find Mitsuski. It was not to see him but to locate Boruto and kill him. 

 Boruto helps Mitsusuki and sees the light. He is now opening Eida’s eyes, too. Here, Mitsuki realizes why she even loves Kawaki in the first place. He is crazy, he is rude, and he even dresses badly. But Eida knows why she loves Kawkai well. But here, Mitasuki knows well when someone is in denial. Because he and Eida are the same, she wants to go on a date with Boruto to discover her true feelings for him. Shikamaru is there and notices that Sarada is in the village facing Eida if she rebels against the town. Her Omnipotence affects Sarada and Sumire, as they also love Boruto. Read all articles on Boruto Manga Online for free.

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