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 Boruto vs Code fight

Boruto Vs Code Vs Kawaki & Sarada Vs Ten Tails Army

Boruto two blue vortex chapter 1

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 Review

Boruto and the Mystery of the Mujina Bandits

The chapter begins with Boruto and his Ninja Army embarking on a new mission, Omnipotence, in the land of water. This latest mission and dynamic and engaging artwork grab readers’ attention immediately. In Boruto Two Blue Vortex’s arc, Boruto, his comrades Sarada and Mitsuki investigate the Mujina Bandits’s chaos in the region. New Hokage are introduced, and the power level of all Hokage goes up. But Boruto and his team may be in big trouble as Code gets out and time skips from Boruto. Boruto is accused of a crime, but Sarada tries to convince Shikamaru. Once, Sasuke broke many laws, but Naruto brought him back. Shikamaru leads as an 8 Hokage. Boruto escaped, and Sarada tried to convince Shikamaru to get him back as Shunjutsu Damon would kill him. Sasuke is also considered a traitor. Bur Sarada knows the truth about Sasuke. Shikamaru said, you are helping a traitor who has committed a crime, and you will be considered a criminal, too. Koniha people might arrest Sasuke if he enters the village. Sasuke leaves the village and writes a note for the people, and after that, he becomes a lousy ninja for his whole life. Sarada’s secret is revealed. Sarada knows about Itachi Uchiha clan. Sasuke’s officer, Sakura, helped her. Sarada enters the Uchiha clan to learn about her father and gradually knows everything. We see Konoha’s advisor there, but Shikamaru has been an advisor for three years. Konoha wants to be a Hokage. Two Blue Vortex, The Boruto is intelligent and has superpowers to trounce Shikamaru. Shikamaru will be dead, and a new Hokage will be launched. Naruto and Hinata return, and we see Kawaki there as well. So, Boruto’s entry is expected to use new techniques. Sarada and Sumire are together. Kawaki’s desire became real because of Omnipotence, which fulfilled the desire. But something else is needed on Boruto. In the hidden village, Mitsuki advises Kawaki to be free from danger. Kawaki uses his power to reveal Boruto. Mitsuki notices the darker side of Kawaki. 

Boruto Mystry
Mujina Bandits
Boruto and Mujina

Hidden Truth, Betrayal, and Escape

To Become a remarkable Shinobi, she gets guidance from Shikai and Choo. She uses Jutsu and grabs her in midair. Himawari, with her skills, wants to help Boruto Uzumaki. Obito was responsible for the death of Naruto’s Parents. Boruto saves her in the delta fight. Himawari still believes that her father is alive, and A sunflower is patterned on her shirt, which shows her connection with her family. By using jutsu, Kawaki gained all the power of Shikimaru and tried to discover the claw mark on the village.

Boruto Betryal

Code’s Arrival And The Coming Conflict

Kawaki addresses Shikamaru as β€œShikan”.  It will release some tension between them and respect for each other. Naruto locked up Kawaki as Shikamaru requested, unleashing chaos in the hidden village as claw marks emerged, and Shonobi and innocent people were under attack. Shikamaru takes charge and is capable of preparing for a war. Using his ninja tech-enhanced hand, Kawaki arrives and dispatches one of the claw marks. Sarada dropped a kick to another claw mark, which surprised some of the Shinobi. Then Code emerges, which has been hunting Boruto in two blue vortexes. His evil intentions are clear because he has conflicted with Boruto and Sasuke. Now! He desires to make Sarada scream for Boruto to hear and comes to rescue his people. Boruto intervenes and starts a fight with Code. He puts his foot on Code’s face, draws his sword, and asks why he is misbehaving toward Sarada. Next-generation ninjas start getting ready for battle against Code and Ten-Tails. The Battle against Code and his Ten-Tails army has begun. Brace yourself for an epic clash in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 as Boruto and his team unleash their full potential.

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