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Boruto manga online new rasengan

Boruto Uzumaki’s New Rasengan Vs Ten Tails

Boruto Two Blue Vortex new rasengan

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 Review

Boruto’s Power Up and Hidden Leaf’s Defense

In the hidden leaf village, Boruto starts his journey after the 3-year time skip from where he left off. He faces Code and his army of Ten Tails powered by Claw Grimes. Boruto, with his new power called “Rasengan Uzuhiko”, surpassed Karma. Boruto Two Blue Vortex unveils powerful jutsu with his Shinobi warriors to fight with Claw Grimes. Ten Tails tries to be like Otsutsuki. But Boruto will defeat him as he knows that Code is futile.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex new look
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Boruto’s Transformation

Sarada and other teammates notice that Boruto is now more serious and darker. Boruto threatened the Code and his Ten Tails Soldiers to leave the village or face the consequences. Boruto Uzumaki is young and ready to take responsibility for his people. The pampered son of the Hokage is now a ray of sunshine for Hidden Leaf Village. He confronts Code. With her watchful eyes, Sarada sees Boruto, the Manga’s dark intensity.

Teamwork and Learning from the Past

Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 emerges the unity of Boruto and his seventh Hokage Naruto. Code, the villain, makes a huge mistake. He considers Boruto to be the same as he was in his childhood. But Boruto destroys the claw grimes. Boruto’s team extended to 10. Musashi Kishimoto employs TenTails as a benchmark to see Boruto’s growth over the next three years. The impressive teamwork of new generations shows that Boruto and the team have changed. But his new team tries to learn to maintain his guard. Once Boruto is caught by Kawaki and Konohamaru,

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Growth Against Claw Grimes

The latest chapter shows that the new team is well aware of the battlefield circumstances. Claw Grimes struggles with Team 10′s impressive power. This new generation of warriors will not face the situation when Naruto is about to die because of Zabuza’s blade, and Sakuara saves him.

New Threats To Shinobi World

As the enemy is airborne, Shikamaru and Inojin counterattack at Ten-Tails. They use the super scroll technique to grab the enemy. The story becomes a compelling narrative of growth and learning because they learn from Naruto’s Mistakes. However, both generations demonstrate impressive powers in battle, which shows their awareness. Himawari calls Kawaki “Big Brother”. That highlights the dramatic irony of the situation because Boruto once was her protective brother in her altered memories. But she desires to help Boruto with two blue vortexes. Hinata realized Kawaki’s true nature. Himawari admires Kawaki, but in her altered memory, she knows that Kawaki is Naruto’s son. Boruto remains emotionally distant. 

Himawari’s Recognition of Kawaki

Boruto Two Blue Vortex is a story about loss and regaining. Both Boruto and Kawaki navigate the losses and weight of their past. Boruto’s generation faces new situations that they have not met before. Uzumaki’s family loves Kawaki, but Kawaki struggles to handle the situation. Boruto tries to maintain peace in his world, but Kawaki falls in love. Thus! Ten Tails with enhanced superpowers code’s chakra leave Kawaki vulnerable because Kawaki was not expecting his formidable opponents to be so strong. In Chapter 2, the situation highlights a potential shift in power dynamics. 

Boruto manga online
Boruto two blue vortex team work
Boruto two blue vortex shinobi world

Control Over Karma and Rasengan

In the new era of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, the dynamic power of claw grimes could be better. Because they are infused with code chakra and powered by their own Rinnegan, this Rasegan grants them an affinity power. Thus! a new threat to Boruto’s world. Kawaki uses the Jutsu shadow and has control over karma. Although Kawaki has Rasengan, he initially struggles to control that power. Yes! But later, with different tactics, he fights with these enemies. Kawaki quickly recovers and destroys his enemy.

Boruto two blue vortex control over rasengan

Boruto’s Revelation

In Chapter 2, Boruto exhibits impressive swordsmanship with his sword and a Jougan (Special Eye). Kawaki and Boruto, in this arc, handle the claw grimes. Thus! The strongest Jutsu wins. Code underestimates Boruto. He does not use karma and warns the code not to lead to a calamity. But Claw Grimes triggers a chain reaction that awakens a greater evil. This chapter creates suspense because Boruto accesses Momoshiki’s power by using karma. By using this power, Boruto sees glimpses of the future. Boruto sees that Momoshiki consuming chakra’s fruit and claw grimes is the cause of the threat to his people. Boruto Two Blue Vortes chapter 2 is turning dark, and the hidden village will face more unseen consequences. The true potential of Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko is about to be unleashed. See how Boruto Uzumaki utilizes this powerful Jutsu in the next chapter, Boruto Manga Online Chapter 3, to take his fight against Code to a whole new level.

Code and Claw grimes in Boruto two blue vortex

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