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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 is officially out, and it changes everything moving forward in a major way. Kurama is back inside of Himawari and the story has finally explained why he is back inside of Himawari! Meanwhile, as Himawari battles Jura, Sarada fights Hidari in the latest chapter. However, now that the battle lines have been drawn and lives are starting to be lost, Boruto and Kawaki have bigger roles moving forward. Grab those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend for this newest review of Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10.

Team 10 Makes a Daring Escape

Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10 is one of those chapters where your emotions are going to be all over the place. Death, and new powers are being a lot more added to the Naruto franchise. We have the Uchiha family tradition of trying to kill your loved ones, continuing with Sarada vs Hidari. We open up the chapter where Jura is watching Inojin fly with Himawari and all the members of Team 10. They are running for their lives because they realize that Jura is at level 100, and they do not have enough power or the right equipment to continue fighting with him. They are flying away from him, who can compress the power of Ten Tails. Jura is not quite yet ready to choose violence. He takes note of the fact that Team 10. They want to move the location of the battlefield away from the village area because they want the Village to be protected. That is as we see in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga Series. It is a very common tactic if a fight breaks out in the Village, one of two things tends to occur:

  • You do what Naruto did against Delta, where they fought at the Hokage private training ground next door to the academy. Naruto mostly kept the battle strictly to Taijutsu, and he was trying to lead the fight away from the kids who were watching. He limited the area damage when he used chakra-based Ninjutsu. 
  • If there is an option to move the fight outside the Village, you do so. Here, Sarada tries to attempt that during the Nine-Tails attack, where she forces the Nine-Tails outside the town. That is also what Naruto and Sasuke did when Naruto and Ishiki destroyed a small part of the Village with their short Taijutsu exchange.
sarada vs jura
jura find team 10
nine tails attack konoha

Konohamaru’s Loyalty and Team 10’s Escape Strategy

What we see here is that Jura has taken notice of Team 10 flying off, but before he can do much of anything, Konahamaru. The usage of Konohamuru here is a gift and a curse of things we saw in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With each Arc passed by in the manga, Konohamaru’s role gradually decreased, and one of his students surpassed him by the third Arc of the manga. We are now in a sequel to that very same manga and Konohamaru is the advisor of the Hokage with a very small team on the battlefield under his command. That is really cool to see because he is showing an unwavering loyalty to the Village. He is showing that Shikamaru trusts him. He is also just happening to do all this amazing stuff against two very, very powerful targets, which means that the losing streak in that new era is going to continue to rack up. When Konohamaru arrives, he informs Shikamaru that Team 10 is not in the location anymore. However, there are two Intruders still there; Shikamaru informs Konohamaru that Team 10 and Himawari have managed to escape and are attempting to move the battlefield away from the Village, and this is where it gets very interesting.

Kawaki’s Hidden Compassion Revealed: Himawari’s Danger Sparks a Reaction

Shikamaru brings everyone up to speed about what is going on, and that Himawari is the target of the two awakened Shinju. Upon hearing this, kawaki immediately snaps to attention, and this is a pretty big moment for Kawaki’s character. It shows that beneath that cold exterior that we have seen, there is still the heart of that young boy whom Naruto saw good inside of. He brought him into the Village he let Kawaki sleep with him in his office. That is the narrative taking the time to show us that while Kawaki might have done some rather questionable things in the past, some things that fans likely will never forgive him for, there are still those embers of goodness burning inside of him, and he does have a capacity to care for someone other than Naruto because we see it was here when Himawari called him big brother. It was a pretty clear sign that there was some guilt fueling his response when he told her how many times have I told you not to call me that, and the hurt look on her face showed that this likely happened over 9,000 different times during the 3 years right here though the moment that he hears Himawari is in danger. Kawaki looks pissed off. He looks shocked. It is a moment that shines a little bit of light through the dark clouds that have been gathered around Kawaki. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Village, we had Boruto Uzumaki, and he was so scared that the guy was struggling to catch his breath, had got Sweat Beads that were dripping down his face, and was holding his arm where the Karma still spread, and this, my friends, is more important than you might think. It is just one more sign that Boruto, in chapter 69 of Boruto Part One, was correct.

kawaki vs boruto
boruto karma
boruto chakra is dangerous

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Karma And A Common Enemy

Momoshiki can still hijack his body, and if he does not continue taking the Byakugan suppressant drugs, Momohiki will be a problem. Boruto’s fear right it is at an all-time high because of the circumstances all of this is happening at the worst possible moment. His adopted brother wants to kill him, but Boruto does not share that same feelings. He wants to work things out with Kawaki, which is irrelevant because if he loses control. Momoshiki has other plans for Kawaki if you have Boruto, who knows the truth about Himawari and that the awakened Shinju is hunting her down. Like we saw Shikamaru tell him in the last chapter, despite the fact that he wants to go gift Chase and protect his sister because he is her natural big brother. Even if nobody remembers it, he can not do it because he has a liability right now due to not being able to control his Karma properly. My Friends is the perfect example of good external conflict manifesting and clashing with the external conflict of the story very good for Boruto Uzumaki’s character. That is what makes Shikamaru’s words to Kawaki so ironic here, which is that Boruto should not be a priority for him right now because they all share a common enemy. Those awaken Shinju, and while he is right, Boruto’s fear of Karma also backs up Kawaki’s claim that Boruto is still a threat because of Momoshiki. Still, thankfully, even Kawaki can set aside his hate for Boruto long enough to agree to go save Himawari. He even makes it a point to come across as annoyed by the fact that Shikamaru did not reveal this information about Himawari sooner. Still, the irony of that is that Boruto told him in the last chapter, instead of worrying about him, why Kawaki does not focus on protecting the Village, and, as we will see in a moment, Kawaki is about to learn there are consequences for his actions because something happens at the end of the chapter that could have been prevented if he listened to Boruto. At the same time, Kawaki and Delta flew off to provide reinforcements to Himawai and Team 10.

Battles Commence: Konohamaru Confronts a Fake Sasuke

Shikamaru checks in on Boruto, whose Karma has stayed active in the toad that has Kashin Koji planted on Boruto looks equally as troubled, alluding to the fact that Momoshiki’s problem is still very much an issue and that Boruto is going to be sidelined for a while, which in all honesty that is the right decision. We have multiple battles being set up right now. Putting Boruto on the sideline for a moment is the right call because even if it is only for half a chapter, say a full chapter. It allows for the other characters to get their moment so we as readers can see the important information like where these characters scale and also know how the various interactions all add to or take away from their character development, or if they are flat, one-dimensional characters, whether or not they continue to serve their role well or whether or not they get replaced in the central business district. Hidari is staring down Konohamaru and the team, and as he does so, he is following Jura’s lead on what to do with Konohamaru’s group. Jura is basically flying off to give Chase on Himawari. Konohamaru takes note of the direction, yet before he can do anything, Hidari shows up right in front of konohamaru, and this leads to an exchange between the two groups. Konohamaru drops some rather important information for us as readers when he checks with the central unit: hey, you told me that Sasuke was the one here, and they say, hey, he is standing right in front of you. Now, this leads to something very interesting because it adds to what we know about the awakened Shinju. They have the chakra, the Tan Tails.  They are the chakra of Code, and they have the chakra of the people whom they bit to become awakened Shinju. They have features that look like them, but the people in the Universe can not tell the difference, which I can see to a degree outside of Code, who recognize the Shinju and Boruto, who recognized Hidari as being Sasuke.

konohamaru team
jura attack himawari
sarada vs hidari
sarada attack

Surprise Attack and Counter: Sarada’s Impressive Skills

We have yet to really see much recognition based on the cover for chapter 8 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex. We know that the skin complexion of the awakened Shinju is different. If they all have a complexion, then they have a darker skin tone. Then the people, they got their chakra from that could be what is throwing people off. That is important to keep in mind because of what happens next the introduction of Hidari’s main target Sarada. The moment that konohamaru calls out to Sarada and the class, who finally arrive on the scene behind Sarada Hidari’s eyes. The guy immediately starts wanting all the smoke at Sarada in the span of a few seconds. Hidari not only vanished inside the claw Marks that he was standing on, but he simultaneously produced a line of three claw marks in a brilliant way that was not previously there in front and behind a Sarada and a class representative essentially. He is hoping to Checkmate each of them so he can attack either one of them from the front or from behind and do so in mere moments. He attempts to do just that by going straight after Sarada from blindsight with the Chidori aiming it for before the class representative can react and in the same period. Sarada not only cuts on Sharingan, but she also dodges the attack and counters with her own Chidorii, which does not need the use of hand signs, and she tags Hidari with her own Chidori that sends him onto the ground, doing damage to him before class representative.  Konohamaru can take three steps towards him, and he already hits the ground moments before the other two can reach Sarada. At this point, we need to start calling Sarada our tribal Chief because she is levels above. I am not going to go over the scaling here for where Sarada is at the end of part one and where she might be right now.

New Threat, New Power: The Awakened Shinju and Sarada’s Potential

We have some basis for where Hidarii and the other Shinju already Scale based on information prior. Chapter 6, where the narrative used Eida to say that they are in a different League than Code without limiters, in Chapter 2, where Boro Flatout tells Code you need to destroy the Ten-Tails before you are unable to eradicate it, which lines up directly with the awakened Shinju scaling above Code and that backs up Eida assertion that they are in a different League than Code because otherwise Boruto Uzumaki would not have said you could not eradicate them. Sarada, before her conversation with Boruto in chapter 6, Two Blue Vortex, spent the last three years for the first time in her life feeling hatred and hatred is one of the powers that we are told repeatedly in Naruto’s Manga. It directly strengthens the Sharingan. She knows that Kawaki killed Boruto and that he tried to kill him yet again, and he almost was able to kill Sarada, but Boruto got his scar protecting her. Then he stole Boruto’s Life until her conversation with Boruto. Sarada was under the impression that Kawaki killed the man whom she admired the most, the seventh Hokage, who is a ton of hate to power Sarada, as she embarked on her first real training Arc and was staring at a floor that was a clear Hokage level however we are going to move along with keeping the review flowing.

sarada and boruto
the shinju
sarada hokage
himawari with baby kurama

Sarada’s Fight and Himawari’s Awakening

Sarada is then shown explaining to Konohamaru and, by extension, us as the audience that the Jutsu that Hidari used on her was Sasuke Chidori. She is staring a hole through Hidari, trying to figure out who he is, and this is very poetic because it goes back to and reverses the very first meeting between Sasuke and Sarada that we have in printed format, which is their meeting in Naruto guide in the seventh Hokage where Sarada recognizes her father. Still, he doesn’t remember her now the roles have been reversed, but what is heartbreaking is that Boruto: Two Blue Vortex didn’t tell her this information about Hidari despite him knowing the truth. You could talk it up, too. He did not have time to because Mitsuki ambushed him in chapter 6, Boruto Two Blue Vortex before they could finish talking, but that Sarada versus Hidari battle, when it picks back up in a moment, is going to be very emotional, which is Kurama’s revival after the Cliffhanger at the end of the prior chapter. Everyone was left wondering what in the world was going on with Kurama being inside of Himawari. Now we are getting answers as to why Kurama respawned inside of her and not out in the wild like Bijuu normally are, so after Himawari asked Kurama why is he inside of her when she was an agent like her father, Kurama told her that they were in a shared visual plane where they could communicate because they are both of the same mind and body now and as Kurama spoke to Himawari we have Team 10 freaking out because himawari she hasn’t moved and Jura he’s given Chase to them, and he is quickly catching up.

Jinchuriki Parenthood: Unexpected Consequences and Kurama’s Return

Kurama basically gives a refresher for fans, who forgot, what Naruto’s manga told us repeatedly when a Bijuu dies. They are ultimately resurrected even if both their bodies and their soul perishes. They still reappear, which is what all the six past powers are rooted in, which is basically the cycle of Life, death, and rebirth. At the same time, Baryon mode was different from that of losing Bijuu chakra. It still killed Kurama, which is a quick reminder because I know some of you guys are probably wondering if they both have Kurama inside of Himawari. The answer to that is yes, baby Kurama has both because the Kurama who died possessed both the Yang half of Kurama that Naruto’s born with and that Madara Uchiha extracted from Naruto before he became a Ten Tail Shinju and the Yin half of Kurama that Obito sealed into Naruto to keep Naruto from dying. The Yang half then agrees to go back into Naruto’s body when Konohamaru asks him in Naruto Volume 72  following the Naruto versus Sasuke fight. Now, this is where we get our big bombshell and the most controversial part of the chapter. Kurama says that the amount of time Bijuu takes to reform or where they respawn is not set in stone. Prior to this, we only had very loose ideas about how long it would take a Bijuu to respawn via the three Tails being in two different Jinshriki in a short time getting the three ails sealed inside of her during the third ninja war and then Yagura the fourth Mizukage somehow ended up getting the three tails. Sometime after that and then Obito and Delta ended up capturing the three tails in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga. Three years after Yagura died, Kurama reveals that Himawari was born with a fragment of his chakra, and that is what points us to Kurama respawning inside a Himawari.  It should be worth noting that this is the first time in the history of the Naruto franchise that we have seen a Jincuriki have children. Still, the franchise has told us that there are unexpected and unexplained complications when it comes to Jinchuriki and their having children, which might be why we rarely see Jinchuriki have children.

naruto vs jura

Beyond Kushina: Male Jinchuriki and Bijuu Fragmentation

Naruto volume 53, when we go back to the flashback that Kushina Uzumaki had and telling Naruto, hey, this is how you are born minus all the birds and the bees stuff, but basically on the night that you were born. That is what happens when a female Jinchuriki is in the process of childbirth; the chakra of a Bijuu can escape the body of a Jinchuriki because the seal is weakening. However, we have never been told what the complication is for male Jinchuriki when they have children. Now we see what it is: the Bijuu chakra does get passed on to the children as a fragmented piece, but if you are the Hokage of a village, the reason why you forbid a male Jinchuriki from doing something like this is that not every person including people who share the same blood as you there is no guarantee. They are going to be compatible with the Bijuu with the Nine-Tails. That is even more so the case because out of all the Uzumaki they could have chosen, Kushina was picked because she had rare chakra, even among Suzumaki Clan.

Himawari’s First Chase: Jura’s Deadly Precision

Kurama and Himawari take the next few moments to start accepting the situation they are in, with Kurama once again being bound to another Uzumaki and Himawari. Now, being a Jinchuriki, they formally introduced themselves. Kurarama gives Himawari back control of her Consciousness and not a moment too soon because Jura is not just closing in on team 10. Still, he is getting so close to Himawari that she is already beginning to freak out because Jura is preparing another fire off. Himawari is showing us that, once again, you can do all the training you want. Himawari has been training hard for the last 3 years. Still, there is no real substitute for true combat experience, and this is her first time being pursued by someone who is specifically targeting her and wants to do more than lightly spark with her, and she is out of her element very much. So, in the same way that Sakura fought against Sasori, Sakura, as Chiyo tells us, was more than capable of dodging the attacks of Sasori. Still, when the fight first started, Sakura had never faced blood lust like this before she started doubting her training because of how experienced Sasori was. Chiyo had to give her that confidence boost, so Jura shot off his Bijuu at the wing of the Inojin bird that Inojin produced, and as they began to start going crashing down towards the ground, let us take a moment here to both appreciate the calculation of Jura. Here as well as the skill of Jura once again shows that he is on a different level than the awakened Shinju, and by extension, that makes him even deadlier because the guy he just targeted the wing in order to avoid doing too much damage to Himawari. While compressing down the Bijuu to that size and restricting the area damage on top of that, this is even more so impressive when you realize that he views the members of Team 10 as he can kill if Himawari is the main dish the members of Team 10 they are the appetizer.

himawari attack on jura

Teamwork and Terror: Chocho’s Jutsu and Himawari’s Fate

The next thing we need to appreciate is that Chocho does some quick thinking, and she uses her clan’s hidden Jutsu. The Yang releases an expansion of Jutsu to blow up her stomach to a giant size so that everyone can get on her back and her shoulders and they can hold on for dear Life. While she uses extra belly rolls and love handles in order to absorb the impact of falling on the ground based on the effect Inojin appeared to have at least gotten a considerable amount of distance away from the Hidden Leaf Village. Even Jura notes the potential of Team 10 and their teamwork in particular, but he laments the fact that it doesn’t matter because he is going to have to kill them. Because he forced them to stand aside basically, and they allowed him to eat Himawari. he would not have to kill them, but as we all know, that was never going to happen. So when Himawari once again begins to start freaking out, showing her inexperience, Kurama finally speaks up. Basically, telling Himawari that, hey, it is pointless to start crying and acting like a baby and freaking out. Because, in short, this is all going to be up to you whether or not she wants it. Himawari is a Jinchuriki now, and as a Jinchuriki, your Fate is to either be used as a tool of war is to be used as a sword and a shield for protection, or it is to be hunted down by those who are intrigued by your power, and that is where she is currently that is her Fate just as Sasuke told Boruto: Two Blue Vortex and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 80. That if he was truly Naruto’s son, he could endure whatever Life threw at him. That Boruto, like Naruto, had no choice but to endure Kurama without using as many words and without seeing the same thing. He tells her, in a way, hey, this is all up to you. You’ve got to suck it up, the little girl. He says he can give her all the power that she wants. Still, it’s on her if it’s used properly or wasted her Fate and Kurama’s Fate by extension; it is in Himawari’s hands, and it makes a lot of sense she’s in the same boat that Naruto’s in.

himawari angry hair

Himawari’s Chakra Surpasses Past Hosts (Naruto Uzumaki)

Naruto, for the majority of the series, had less than desirable chakra control despite being 16-year-old Naruto and base, which, with no Kurama, had four times a chakra Kakashi. Nobody would say he was four times stronger than Kakashi Base to Base. Akatsuki suppression art Kakashi would whoop the mess out of Naruto. If he couldn’t use Kurama’s chakra during that time because he was not able to properly control all of his chakras without wasting it, so he could not use chakra properly. Tsunade does when she gets Extra Strength for power and combines it with the chakra control as the Raikage does with his speed or like Kakashi does when he extends his stamina. When he uses the Sharingan Naruto, when using one half of Kurama in the Asatsuki suppression Arc was stated to have 100 times the chakra Kakashi. Still, again, he wasted a lot of his chakra, which is why when he gained close to perfect chakra control in the early part of the war, he was an absolute monster. He was able to do damage to kisami. When he got full perfect chakra control, Naruto became an even bigger monster to where he was knocking on the door to Hashirama’s level of power before Naruto got the sixth pass. What Kurama is telling Himawari is how all this plays out is up to you. Still, before he eventually gives her his chakra to use, he says that her chakra is greater than every Jinchuriki that came before her that was attached to, so he includes her father, who provides for Kushina and Mito. Now, this is where this gets very interesting.

angry naruto
naruto vs daemon
inojin died

Inojin Falls, Himawari Reaches Her Limit

Daemon said he sensed the Monster Power inside of her capable of dodging his attacks. In order to see this, we are going to have to continue reading a little bit and get more context. Now, this also leads to Himawari, and she is charging forward to Jura. She is doing so because it is very commendable, but she needs help with Team 10. which is she does not have enough experience points to participate in this battle, and Jura very coldly breaks her ankle and tosses her to the ground, very similar to how Ishiki snapped Boruto Uzumaki’s arm. When Boruto Two Blue Vortex got in the way, only, in this case, Jura, he decided to take a step further, and he trapped Himawari in a wood release, telling her hey, that pain in your legs is going to subside soon, once I eat you and once the tree fully takes root. And this is where we see a moment that will likely break the heart of Inojin fans everywhere. So, what we have here is that Inojin is living up to his promise to protect Kurama. No matter what, like he said when they are rushing to the battlefield to confront Himawari and Jura when they first arrive and as Jura began battling the members of Team 10 in the last chapter of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Online and we see Inojin paying extra attention to Himawari being very careful when it comes to her all signs are pointing towards Inojin that boy is going to be in trouble. So, Inojin gets promptly taken out with a kick to his gut when he charges up to Jura with the intention of freeing Himawari. Then, receives a wood release branch that impales him right through the middle of his stomach. It leaves this kid leaking out fluids like he is only a fan model, and the only real hope that the Inojin fans have right now is that that might have been an Inojin clone. Still, there is no indication that was the case, and this is what leads to Himawari finally snapping, however, before we do Himawari’s interaction here at the end of chapter 10.

A Mother’s Grief: Himawari Awakens as Inojin Hangs in the Balance

Let’s take a moment to realize the pain that both Eno and Sai are going to be feeling right here. Sai lost his brother in the training due to the method of Danzo’s root organization. Where you would be friends with somebody, you be comrades, you grow together. Then Danzo will say hey, kill your best friend. The winner joins the Anbu  Black Ops through the Sai situation. Some different circumstances come with it that the Naruto War tells us, but Sai carries around that guilt. So you can only imagine what Sai losing his son. Would do to him and when you translate over to Eno. It is even more heartbreaking. She lost her master to Hidan. She lost her father to Madara, shooting off a Bijuu via the Ten Tails. Now, she seemingly lost her son to another Ten Tails. Because Eno is connected to Shikamaru and she is part of the sensory unit. Eno more than likely senses her son’s life force absolutely plummeting, and that is heartbreaking in of itself, and this is what truly makes Himawari at this moment so very special. Her hair begins to fly upwards like Kushina when she gets angry. The Kurama chakra is moving through her body. We don’t have an aura or anything like that yet, but she has enough going through her body that she immediately shatters wood release, and her eyes take on the appearance that Naruto did when he would bar some chakra. Her broken ankle now appears to be healed via the Jinchuriki Healing Factor. Now I do think it is worth noting Inojin’s injury in spite of it looking very serious. We have to keep in mind that it is being buried behind this huge Himawari reveal. So, we are being distracted from Eno’s Fate, and this is important to keep in mind because we don’t know if this attack killed him and if he wasn’t killed. We don’t know what his Fate is about to be because we have no proof that Himawari has the chakra control needed to hand out the chakra cloak, let alone use something like the Kurama Avatar, which, as we saw with Kakashi when Naruto used it with them, he was able to begin treating them and restore some of their chakra and some of their injuries. It is important to note that right now, Himawari is not using a chakra cloak, so to heal Inojin of his injuries, we can not say that this is something that Himawari can do because we do not have anything that indicates that Himawari can do something at the age of 13. Her father couldn’t do it until he was 16, going on 17 during the 3 days of the fourth ninja war. Still, we end the chapter with Kurama gassing up Himawari to go ahead and cut loose gaslighter Kurama. He is not back all the way. Still, he is at least telling Himawari this dude does not want any smoke because he is putting up smoke detectors, and Himawari she already tearing down Jura. She is ready to take his head off, and Jura has noted there is a change in her power. There is a change in her appearance. It is rising a lot faster.

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