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 Boruto’s Dominance and the Return of the Nine Tails

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga chapter 9 has further proven why Boruto is the real Shinobi, the strongest! Boruto completely outmatches Kawaki in every way! His sister, Himawari Uzumaki, has somehow gained the power of the nine tails, passing down from father Naruto to daughter. But how does all of this make sense? How did Kurama rebirth and come back to life? Boruto’s power does not increase, as Chapter 9 reveals. The most significant speed a Shinobi has ever achieved. He dodges attacks that only Naruto can do in base. He casually walks toward Kawaki to destroy him with his powers, stating he is pathetic. The energy Boruto displays throughout the time skip is unmatched, and the story of Boruto Two Blue Vortex gets even higher. But that is not all; every single one of our theories has turned out correct. Nine Tails is returning with Himawari. We return to Jura, who destroys the entire planet by destroying Kawaki in chapter 8. Instead, he feels that meeting Naruto is more critical. Jura claims to Team 10 that Himawari has a tail beast. That leave Shikadai and others confused as they still believe that Naruto is dead. He needs to understand how Himawari is related to Nine Tails. He then activities wood style to capture Himwari, but it is saved by the Enoshiko combo, which fascinates him.

Boruto built different
Jura Attack
team 10

Jura vs. Team 10

In previous Read Naruto Chapters, the three clans have a long history of working together, even having a Himwari in Konoha. Jura spares their lives, stating that he will only attack if he has no choice. Shikawamru tries to learn what is happening and guess what these guys do against an opponent as strong as Ishiki. Shikadai pulls out the shadow as Judah instead charges up a mini Bijuu bomb from his eye. Shikadai is rolling in his grave. Right now, Chocho, of all people, has stopped the Bijuu blast and given Himawari a chance to go away because Shikamaru’s dad died due to that powerful blast. No wonder that Konoha will be destroyed in the future. Jura says that it is fantastic to display such coordination without exchanging words, which is remarkable. He then said that he would respect the teamwork. He offers some advice that our only goal and purpose is Himawari Uzumaki. I have no hostility towards you three. However, if you intend to resist, I will have no choice but to attack. When Shikamaru chipped in with Shikadai, he asked what was going on. It is exciting because Shikadai is fighting this dude. Boruto explains that the Ten-Tails are an overwhelming force to Shikamaru. Shikamaru is like the enemy’s target Himawari. I do not know why, though; the QB is involved, and Shikamaru is like, what? The reason why I find this funny is that this word is Shikamaru’s favorite. He is receiving so much information it does not make sense why Himawari would be related to Nine Tails. But at the same time, in his village, people are getting attacked, and he would not go outside to help them. He is the first Hokage not to be involved in an actual fight. Maybe he believes that the Hokage should not be doing this. But we skip over to Kawaki; he is lying on the ground. The punch from Jura knocks him out. He said something exciting, and he asked what the matter was with this guy. He looks at Kawaki and asks what the matter is with him. People should not ignore this because it implies that something is wrong with Kawaki. He should be more potent than he currently is. Amado is questioning why this is happening to him. Kawaki does not necessarily need to get a power-up. He needs to tap into the power that is already existing within his body. It could be the case that he is suffering some mental blocks. 

 Impact on Kawaki’s Power

In Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chater 9, Kawaki is suffering something that is preventing him from tapping into his full Uzumaki power. It is more than likely linked to the guilt he feels for taking Boruto Uzumaki’s life and whatever he did to Naruto. That is limiting his potential. So, it might be a case that he needs to overcome to get another power. Kawaki is different from Boruto, and Boruto’s Karma seal is a natural Karma seal that was given to him by Otsutsuki. The Karma seal of Kawaki is reconstructed. It might function differently and might be limiting his potential in some way. The seal that Kawaki has is stated to be a weapon, and this allows him to access Shiki’s Dojutsu. On the other hand, natural Karma is not able to tap into Momoshiki’s multitude of abilities for some reason. So, the vessel cannot naturally tap into this power, which may be the case. If it is modified, then the Karma seal will perform better, but that might restrict Kawaki’s use of the Karma seal in general. But of course, we are going to find out soon. Now skip over to Boruto Manga Online.

kawaki lack power againd boruto

Boruto and Kashin Koji at Orochimaru’s Hideout

There is an Orochimaru hideout in this wasteland place. It has the same design on the walls and also has literal snakes, though you can not make it more obvious. He is there with Kashin Koji, and they are having a conversation now. Boruto is looking at his palm, and this leads to something that happens later on. Kashin Koji is back, and they’re in Orochimaru’s hideout. That implies that they have met Orochimaru, and he may be on their side. However, chapter 9 does mean that they are working with Orochimaru. He is likely immune to Omnipotence, and that is why they can work with him. Or it might be the case that he does not care because Orochimaru is gray. If they can explain it to him, he might believe it based on science. It does not have any emotion behind it, which makes it even more difficult. They are just working at one of the Orochimaru hideouts that he does not use anymore. We see that Kashin Koji is watching the village through his toad . he sees that the Ten-Tails or the Shinju are attacking the town and then informs Boruto Two Blue Vortex. He tells him to fly to Mount Moku.

Boruto absorb energy from nature

Boruto Arrives in Konoha and Learns About Himawari

boruto overpowering
kawaki dilema
momoshiki possesion

Boruto’s Overpowering Strength and Kawaki’s Karma Activation

Boruto is stronger than Kawaki. Boruto is a potential threat to the village because Momoshiki can take control of his body, so Kawaki is very cautious because he knows that he is in control of his body. Kwaki also knows that he does not have any ill intent towards the village, so it makes sense that he should team up against the Shinju with Boruto Two Blue Vortex. After the fight with Shinju, it makes perfect sense that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, as Sasuke did something similar when he teamed up with Naruto to fight Kaguya and Madara. Kawaki is thinking very emotionally at this point because he is very emotional about protecting Naruto. He wants to get Boruto out of the village. Boruto knocks down Kwaki and says this is so pathetic you have not even trained properly. That isn’t very comfortable for him. Kawaki then tried to activate his Karma because he was getting beat up by base Boruto. He then triggers Boruto’s Karma due to resonance. Boruto can not control it. He can not prevent it from activating, and this has always been the case. Whenever Kawaki tried to resonate with Boruto kar, ma always activated involuntarily. He struggles here to deactivate it, but he needs to leave and keep his distance. It might be the case for Kawaki’s getting rid of Boruto. If Borotu were doing to Kawaki, imagine what Momoshiki, with the Karma seal, would do to Kawaki. Momoshiki still can possess Boruto’s body.

Maybe Boruto is getting badly damaged or has a low Chakra. Momoshiki resurrected Boruto, and he prevented him from taking over his body temporarily. He can not resurrect because a portion of his data was used to heal Boruto TBV. But Boruto is different from what he was before. He is 100% Otsutsuki, and he somewhat merged with the Karma seal. The method by which Momoshki is able to take control might be different from what it was before. But Boruto does not want to use the Karma seal because he intends to rely on something other than the Momoshiki’s power. The more he uses Momoshiki’s power, the easier it is for him to take control of his body. It somewhat mirrors what happened with Naruto and Ten-Tails.

Team 10’s Last Stand: Shikadai Diverts Bijuu Bomb, Himawari Escapes

In Boruto Manga online, team 10 vs Jura, and Inojin has Himawari on one of his birds trying to fly away. It also shows that Shikadai is holding on to Jura using shadow paralysis, and he tells him that he should not get distracted because there is his opponent. They would see him instantly and create a Bijuu bomb using one of his Rasengan. Someone did this before by using Dojutsu because we have seen the Ten-Tails beast use it by using their mouth. Also, we have seen that Naruto does it with his palm. Jura could fire off this Bijuu bomb completely. Shikadai pushed him off using her palm, which redirected the bomb somewhat outside of the village. Initially, it seems that the bomb explodes inside of the town, but no, it is outside of the forest, and this is shown from Sarada’s perspective. Chocho feed is exciting because it seems that Jura just allowed her to do it. After all, he was intrigued by their actions. When Hidari asked him if they should run after them, Jura replied that Himawari was the target. If she is handed over, everything is settled. Despite this, they continue to resist Hidari. It seems that Jura is trying to understand why they are doing this. So he is not blitzing them or not killing them using Woodstar Jutsu. He finds them very interesting, and he plays with them. Himawari flies away with Inojin, Shikadai, and Chocho. It is because they wanted to free the village of Jura away from it. He is tracking Himawari, but Himawari asks them to leave her by herself. She will run away. She is teleported to another time space. And we see that this beast is standing behind her. That beast looks very similar to Kurama in The Nine Tails. It is then revealed that the beast in Himawari is Baby Nine Tail. Does he then say little girl, do you know me? She says QB, which is where the chapter ends. While Himawari’s awakening with Kurama’s power is a major development, another threat emerges – see how Sarada confronts Hidari in her own intense battle in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10.

jura is reading book
Himawari escape

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