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Boruto New Jutsu Power in Two Blue Vortex

Boruto’s New Power Flying Raijin Vs Ten Tails Sasuke

Boruto's flying Raijin power

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Spoiler Review

Boruto Unleashes Flying Raijin Against Code

With each chapter, there are a lot of twists and turns. In Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4, Code attacks Leaf Village again. But Boruto wastes no time using his new Jutsu, “Flying Raijin.” He utilizes Flying Raijin, which shows that Team 10 must overcome this challenge. One villain member, Claw Grimes, is known as Monster Insect, while the other resembles Issiki Otsutsuki. A shocking revelation is discovered: Shinju absorbs Sasuke Uchiha. Suddenly, Boruto creates suspense by reaching the Ten-Tails Location. Claw Grimes traps him, but Code plays a big trick and leaves him instead of taking advantage of the chance to kill him. This act of Code makes his character more complex in understanding his new strategy against the Shinobi world. At the end of chapter 4, Kawaki returns. But nobody knows his intention or what he will do. With its intriguing twist, fans eagerly await this saga’s next episode.

Boruto vs Code power battle
Sasuke Absorption and Boruto suspense in two blue vortex

Sasuke Absorption & Boruto Suspense

Boruto’s trusty toad warns him of the challenges of the future. But Boruto is not afraid as he is growing his powers. He warns Code to leave. He then jumps to Code’s base. Kawaki was not aware of Next Generation Boruto’s newfound Jutsu. Here, we see a new Boruto encountering a horrifying new threat in the Ten-Tails. But he faces a fusion of insects and Otsutsuki. In Boruto Manga online, many questions are raised about the origin of this enemy and its connection with Otsutsuki. Code transferred Ten-Tails into the humanoid figure, and he shocked Boruto, as they were not like the ones he had fought before. But they were more robust, more intelligent, and skillful. By this action of Code, He fought on the defensive. The stage is set, buckle up, and there will be an epic battle in the coming chapters. 

The Rise of Ten Tails

The Ten-Tails have become a threat to the Shinobi world. Boruto and his comrades face a new level of danger. They try to escape from the clutches of Ten-Tails. They behave more desperately and use Flying Raujin countlessly. Ten-Tails, who Code ultimately powered, was adapting new skills. He displays a unique fighting skill, body modification, by shapeshifting his arms into a mouth. Boruto Uzumaki, avoid overusing Flying Raijin. But he found that if he used Jutsu strategically, he could defeat Ten-Tails. But he possesses a Rinnegan in each eye. Each eye potentially uses the basic Six Path Jutsu, adding another layer of danger. Two Blue Vortex finds a connection to Otsutsuki. There were some symbols on his outfits resembling Obito and Naruto.

Ten tails emerges

Kawaki’s Loyalty Tested

Chapter 4 is the entire action. Ten-Tails takes a terrifying turn by creating another monstrous Ten-Tails; he uses six-path Jutsu. The situation worsens when two more Ten-Tails emerge from Shikamaru and Monk Jan. These new ones mock the old ones by saying others are using them, which is his destiny. After that, a blood battle starts. Here, Kawaki does not expose Boruto’s Flying Raijin Jutsu and maintains the illusion that he is loyal to Kono Hokage. Shikamaru doubts Kawaki and starts questioning Jutsu. Sarada resolved the tension by saying that Konohagakure uses Amado to verify Kawaki’s claim. Here, new tension arises in the manga arc between Kawaki and Sarada. Kawaki tries to manipulate the situation, but Sarada does not trust him and tries to get the truth. Kawaki fears Momoshiki, but Sarada’s unwavering faith in Boruto causes conflict. Sarada uses her authority and challenges the Kawaki position. She saves people using Code’s attack, turning them into trees. She makes a temporary alliance with Boruto Two Blue Vortex Next Generation Manga Online.

Kawaki uzumaki vs Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto and his ninja warriors fall into a trap, facing overwhelming odds. His quick thinking to use Flying Raijin helps them to escape. Code sees another layer of chaos in this tense situation. Ten-Tail uses Jutsu to add a terrifying element to their power of Sharingan and Chidor. Boruto Manga Chapter 4 delivers a shocking twist, leaving the reader with heavy feelings. The threat of Code’s Ten-Tails continues to escalate! Discover the devastating impact of this enemy in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5, where Boruto witnesses a shocking sacrifice and uncovers a new threat even more dangerous than Ten-Tails.

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