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Boruto Sage powers And Planetary Rasengan

Boruto Two Blue Vortex New sage and Rasengan

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 Review

The epic showdown between Boruto and Code

Boruto Manga Online chapter 3 takes the fight between Boruto and Code to a new level. Son of Naruto, Boruto understands the secret weapon of Code because he was trained and knows that when Code comes close, he will shift his chakra and activate his mysterious Jutsu. A true ninja sees through the deception, but Code falls prey to Boruto Naruto’s Next Generation Manga strategy, which lacks this training. Boruto warns the Code to lead him to Ten Tails or otherwise bear the consequences.

Boruto vs code epic showdoen
Boruto unleashing his new jutsu

Boruto Unleashing His New Jutsu

Action-packed episodes deliver entertainment to fans. Boruto’s new Jutsu worked well against all techniques of Code. Boruto’s appearance changes physically, but he is much better than Code, who fails all tactics against him. Every attack launched by Code misses. As the dust settles, Cyborg siblings Aoi and Damon explain to Amado that Boruto’s Jutsu is not just a Rasengan but can rotate the entire planet. That hints at the vast potential of Boruto’s abilities. Get ready for more confrontations in upcoming chapters.

A Planetary Powerhouse

Damon is excited and tells everyone about Boruto’s new jutsu, “A planetary powerhouse.” Boruto warns Code that Rasengan is a death sentence for him. This chapter reveals that Momoshiki draws power from the planet to become stronger. Boruto’s Jutsu and planet energy hold the key to greater power. We see that the movie is rich in content, and we will see new conflicts in new chapters. Boruto makes a strategic move and tells Code that he will leave him alive if he leads him to lead Ten-Tails. That could be a genuine mercy. Boruto is now a fully developed ninja, and this move sets a trap for Code. This strategic planning mirrors the teachings of his mentor, Sasuke. An unexpected turn happens; Kawaki knows the situation and attacks Boruto. Two Blue Vortex outsmart him as well.

Boruto Plantary powerhouse

A Twist In Battle

Boruto and Code’s confrontation is interrupted when Himawari calls out to Boruto Two Blue Vortex by his name. His emotional Love for his sister is revealed, and this vulnerability is exposed. Kawaki recognizes this weakness and takes advantage of it by manipulating Boruto through Himawari. In anime, Naruto destroys Himawari’s birthday, but not to hurt her emotions, Boruto keeps her to himself. Kawaki disrupts this strategy by keeping everyone away.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru and Team 10 arrive. Kawaki makes a gateway for Code to run away. Code makes his escape, and Boro faces Kawaki.

Boruto Two Blue Vortes Battle twisrt

Kawaki’s Threats and Boruto’s Strategic Brilliance

 Boruto prepares to fight against Kawaki but is assured that he will not use Rasengan, just like Naruto does not kill Sasuke. It proves that he has complete control over his powers. Sarada says that Claw Grimes is not dead but was killed by Boruto. These claws eat humans. Otsutsuki finds that these claw grimes are made from Ten Tails. That was just because Boruto attacked them and used his Jutsu. Kawaki mocks Boruto’s new outfit in this chapter. He threatens to kill Boruto. He tries to crack the Code. For this purpose, he uses a toad to communicate with him. His intention was not to lead Ten-Tails. Overall, this chapter exposes Boruto’s strategic brilliance and cunning plans.  The battle against Ten-Tails is far from over! Witness the monstrous evolution of this ancient threat in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4, where Boruto faces a terrifying new form of Ten-Tails and a complex strategy from Code.

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