Itachi Uchiha Vs Obito Uchiha

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The Battle of Light vs Darkness

The battle of Itachi Uchiha vs Obito Uchiha has been discussed for many years amongst the Naruto fandom. Still, a deeper look at their characters and motivations and the driving factors behind their methods and decisions reveals a very thick layer of information to unpack. Unfortunately, you have only watched the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime. In that case, there is a lot of information about these two characters discussed in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga series and the latest series, Boruto Two Blue Vortex, that you don’t know, which is why the true conflict of the Itachi vs. Obito battle is much more layered and complicated than a lot of Naruto fans realize! Join me in today’s newest Boruto Chapter essay, where we take a look at the battle of Itachi Uchiha vs Obito Uchiha, the battle of light vs darkness, and the silent cold war between two of the strongest Uchiha to ever live.

The Untold Story of Itachi and Obito’s Cold War

Every Naruto fan remembers that iconic moment where the death of Itachi Uchiha. Obito, at that time, was pretending to be Tobi, a member of Akatsuki. Did he think to himself, Had he not kept a few secrets from Itachi? He would have been dead. Now, he was free to attack Konoha. But the topic over the years has debates that who would win the fight between the two. Especially if Itachi knows the weakness of Obito when it comes to these two, it goes back to something that the Naruto anime shippuden made a mistake when we adapted the two Itachi stories into the series, the Book of the Daylight and the Book of Midnight into Naruto anime, which is the real reason why Itachi could not stand Obito. There are so many layers of cold war between the two. That is why we are going to pull back the curtains on their relationship in the new series of Boruto Two Blue Vortex. If you are an anime viewer only, then you have the wrong idea about the relationship. In general, there are so many layers to their relationship, but it is easy to say that Itachi hated Obito just because Obito was a threat to Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure).

itachi vs obito
itachi and obito cold war

The Complexities of Itachi and Obito’s Deal

As a whole, he made a promise that he would protect the village by spying on the Akatsuki from the inside. Obito lies up to his bargain by making Konoha off-limits to Akatsuki. At the same time, Itachi was alive and made himself the person responsible for capturing the Nine Tails. He thinks that he is protecting the Konoha for as long as he can. Itachi was alive he could complete his Bijuu hunt. They could not attack Konoha if there were a situation like the Kagi rescue mission or the Kagi suppression mission because Naruto Uzumaki went out of his way to find them. Itachi had the right to capture Naruto. Kakashi arrives with a team of black corps that makes Obito run off and abandon his mission to kill the Feudal Lord. Seeing Kakashi at that moment was something that shocked Obito. Obito, at this point in the story, wants to avoid confronting Kakashi. Obito’s Genjutsu is dispelled. Everyone who sees the young Ti Itachi cannot interfere but blow his cover with the Akatsuki. There were some exceptions to the agreement some were very valid reasons to say. That is why Itachi hated Obito. There is even more history between the two, but this narrative is mostly built by the Anime viewer, who made major changes to the two Itachi stories. You can read the latest chapters of Boruto Manga Online from here

How the Anime Misled Us About Itachi and Obito’s Relationship

Let’s start with one of the first major changes that were made to the relationship of Itachi and Obito in the anime, which is the misrepresentation of the first time these two meet. Itachi’s team is on a mission, and his team members appear in front of Obito’s team, which gives the impression to the viewers that Obito killed all the members of Itachi’s team. The Itachi was so Traumatized by what he saw. That led him to awaken his Sharingan; there are quite a few changes where Obito did attack his team; they were on a rank mission to guard the feudal Lord of the land of fire. It is not how the anime showed it to you. Itachi still needed to make up with his team, and Obito did not Massacre Itachi’s team. When Obito appears in the middle of the road, he is showing off his toby persona. Obito pretends that he is not all there, but Itachi realizes that something is not right. They are all being made fools. Obito took the time and lower his guards and place the entire group to Feudal Lord to guardian the Shinobi team 12. Itachi’s team is under a high-level Genjutsu, and everyone is around a frozen place. At this point, Itachi is able to break out of his high-level Genjutsu, but he realizes that this high-level Genjutsu is something that his father. Who is a Genjutsu specialist? Read the latest chapters of the Boruto Manga series. 

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Itachi’s Descent During His First Encounter with Obito

Itachi begins to freeze up when he sees Obito moving forward. He senses the blood coming off of Obito at the sight of the Konoha headband. Itachi’s team mates have a strong Genjutsu, and he is mocking Obito to his face. He breaks out the Genjutsu just like  Itachi did. High-level Genjutsu makes Obito mockingly applaud them. Itachi, for the first time, has not taken charge during the mission. He takes the opportunity to be the one to set the tone he charges for. Itachi takes Obito’s laughter as a sign of danger and thinks that the man is going to kill them. That is the first time when Itachi’s ever blood lust on a mission. Itachi’s mind goes blank when Obito suddenly uses Genjutsu. He said a ninja who rushes recklessly is a ninja who must die because he does not deserve to be a ninja. When Obito tells Itachi that he knows everything about the current Uchiha clan, including who Itachi is? Itachi suddenly claims that he is not in the Uchiha clan Shinobi. He is the future clan leader that Hokage is preparing him to be. But Itachi himself says that he is a Konoha Shinobi ready to die for the village. Obito mocks him by saying that he is Konoha Shinobi one more time. Mocking him and daring him to do so, he prepares himself to kill Itachi.

Itachi’s teammate Shinko has a complete mental breakdown on the spot after this. Itachi’s team is pulled out from the Feudal Lord guard mission. His mother is begging Fugaku to pull him as a Konoha. She requests him to have him placed in Uchiha police. Fugaku refuses, and Itachi, in the other room, relives the trauma of his teammates. He blames himself for being too weak to protect his Comrades. His Sharingan is newly awakened as he cries, and his father tells his mother that his son has way too much talent as a Shinobi. If Itachi is going to be a Shinobi, he better get used to teammates dying, and he better be willing to get strong enough to protect them.

feudal lord

Fugaku uses very cold words, literally saying that if teammates die, he will be over. Itachi never forgets Obito’s mask that day, nor does he forget what Obito said about knowing all the current members of the Uchiha Clan when Iatachi does find Obito in the area of the Uchiha, where he finds him reading about how to control Nine Tails and Bijuu. Itachi confronts Obito about what happened that day. He knows that Obito has been the one gaslighting Chakra from the shadow, which would have been a double win for Obito. That is what he was going for the Uchiha clan; they would overthrow Konoha and the other villagers. They would come in the fight to claim the land of fire and the Hidden Leaf Village. Itachi asked to be allowed to kill certain members of the clan. At the same time, Obito took on other pre-selected targets. That brings us to another pivotal moment in their history that anime never shows you because the anime changed it but Boruto Naruot Next Generations Manga did not. 

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Deception, Sacrifice, and the Silent War Between Itachi and Obito

In Naruto anime, it has Obito kills Itachi’s girlfriend, Izumi. While Naruto Manga Series volume 43 tells us that Itachi was the one who killed his lover. We see Obito, someone who knows a thing about losing a girl that he loves. He appears next to Itachi and openly questions whether or not Itachi can even mentally go through with the massacre. He has his tamper flare up at Obito, but he cools himself down, and he demands to be allowed to kill all the women and children via Genjutsu. Obito says that given Itachi’s current state of mind after killing Izumi and feeling the pressure of massacre; he says that it is too much for Itachi and would shatter if he had to carry too much pressure. Obito says that he will make it quick to kill the women and children because his Jutsu allows him to deal with screamers quickly. When he is brought to a cave with Obito meets pain right there and Orochimaru. Sasuke is off limits, Konoha is off limits, and the Nine-Tails are off limits as long as Itachi is alive. Itachi, at the time, had peace together. Everything that had happened, and he traced it all back to Obito, who he believed to be Uchiha. Nine Tails attack that occurred years ago in the village, he knew that it was Obito. His hate for Obito definitely ran deep, but worst of all, he knew he was in no position to do anything. Because he knew Obito, who he taught was Uchiha, was stronger than him. He saw the Iranian. The dynamic between Itachia and Obito, a silent cold war, is one of my favorite things about Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations. It has so many different layers of symbolism that can be gained from their clash.

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