Kakashi Vs Rock Lee After The Fourth Ninja War

Kakashi Hokage

Hidden Battles of the Hokage: Kakashi vs Rock Lee 

Naruto’s Fourth Ninja War is one of the most iconic war arcs in modern shonen history. Still, due to how long it was in the Naruto manga and anime and how suddenly the series ended after the conclusion of the war, some have wondered what happened during the massive 16-year time skip between the ending of Naruto Shippuden and the moment when Kawaki is first introduced into the story. Not much was shown after the Naruto Shippuden anime moved past the war, with only a few of the Naruto blank period stories being explored. However, most Naruto fans are aware of the fact that there was more shown in the anime, and one of those stories is the tale of how Kakashi ended up fighting Rock Lee in a battle that proves Hokage Kakashi vs Rock Lee was not a close fight! Grab those ramen bowls for this newest Naruto explained video, where we discuss more of what happened after Naruto Shippuden.

Kakashi vs Rock Lee

Kakashi’s Power After the Fourth War

During the fourth G reat Ninja War, Naruto was seen in several high-level battles with legendary Shinobi from the Legends of the Past era. Like the mighty Mo Uchia current Aish shinobi and Itachi Legends in the making of the future Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. However, Kakashi, known as Sharingan, suddenly became able to use it multiple times, just like the other five Hokage. Before it, he had not gotten even Nine Tails Chakra. But Kakashi had more than one standout moment in the fourth Ninja war. Following the war, he forever lost the power of the Sharingan after Obito’s Chakra left his body. After that, Kakashi is weaker as a Hokage. After the fourth ninja war, in which Kakshi fought against Rock Lee, he soundly defeated Rock Lee without relying on Sharingan’s abilities. Kakashi’s hidden lightening in the frozen sky starts a few months after the fourth war ended at the tail end of Naruto’s Sharingan mission. Kakashi has already been appointed Hokage but has not officially taken the position. Using the power of Hokage’s position to do things like get Sasuke back from jail and place him on lifetime probation at the discretion of the Hokage. At this point in the timeline, Naruto now has this Hasharama cell, and Sasuke left the village after this incident. Kakashi finds himself on a mission to set a date for the Hokage ceremony and is in the process of meeting up with Mike on the airship called The Tobay Saim Maru. That was built in the land of waves. It served as the first seed being planted for the conflict that sprouted. 

Kakashi's Power

Kakashi’s Taijutsu Triumph

In the Boruto Uzumaki Next Generations era, fans know the Finito Clan war started the conflict over the land of water. Kakashi is confronted by a new enemy standing between him and the Tobay Saim Maru. The enemy attacks him with a level of furious intent that forces Kakshi to be on guard. But Kakshi judged that this man was not other than Rock Lee. He called him from behind, and the man in the black hood jumped down and stood still. It was the man who snuck down from the tail of the Tobay Saim Maru. Kashi’s guard had been lowered. You are an uninvited guest, he shouted and took off in pursuit, only to receive a sharp kick that came flying out from the Hem of the Man’s Cloak. The man attacks and Kakashi throws out a number of his attacks in succession, each faster than the one before the intensity picks up: one blow, two blows, tree blow. The pair continued to attack with increasing output. Kakashi could tell his opponent was quite masterful. He made no wasted movements as he kept up with Kakashi, a true Tijutsu master. They exchange attacks in the fourth and fifth sets. Kakashi came to see his opponent’s tactics. Reading them, and then finished the attack. At the exact moment, a kick from his opponent came and struck him. Kakashi’s anticipation was fun to watch. He suddenly realised the attack pattern; he knew it all very well, and from the top of that, he did not sense it.

Most importantly, he realised that there had not been any Ninjutsu activated or even attempted. He charged forward to finish to finish the battle. He handled the succession of lunges and kicked his enemy’s feet from underneath him. Suddenly, the enemy was sent flying and fell to the ground, arms and legs spasming and their bodies twitching. He approached his opponent and pulled the hood. Below the hood was unconscious Rock Lee. Kakashi realised it before because Rock Lee was fighting him due to the lack of Ninjutsu being used at the time. Rock Lee can use Chakra, but he can not do ninjutsu. Due to years of practice in reading Sharingan, Kakashi can easily track the speed of Rock Lee by reading his foot movement. Rock Lee, as Shinobi, was not weak by any measure. He was a year away from unlocking the seventh gate. Despite Rock Lee fighting him seriously, Kakashi decided to end the fight himself by hitting five hit combos using only his fist and elbow and moving so fast that Rock could not keep up with the speed. He was not able to guard himself from the speed. 

Kakashi's Jutsu Triumph

Kakashi’s Rise to Hokage-Level Strength

Kakashi training after the four ninja war has been bearing some severe fruits. Later on in the story, he is moving at the speed of the fourth flying Hokage lightning Chakra mode. He can hit a person with lightning chakra like he knocks out RockLee. Despite not using his full power of tai-tutsu, he impressively defeats Rock Lee. Kakashi won every exchange, but Rock Lee got a compliment from Kakashi for his Tai Jutsu. But Kakashi gradually ramping up the output. At that point in the timeline, it was an excellent testament to Rock Lee. Gara already considers RockLee to be his equal in power, which is part of why he starts training during the blank period.

Kakashi’s best friend Mike saw the very same thing that Tsunade and Naruto saw, which was that Kakashi doubted himself when it came to Hokage’s position. Tsunade had literally told him that he was more than strong enough to be the Hokage and that he had respect for the other Hokage, not because the Kakashi had the Sharingan. Kakashi earned it for his other qualities; Guys saw that he trained day in and day out when nobody was watching him complete his purple lightning Jutsu. He overcompensated for relying on Sharingan because sometimes he no longer has his worth. It was just an addition by subtraction. Kakashi always had to set aside Chakrathat, which could have been used for things like Ninjutsu to boost his speed or to boost his strength. It was Chakra that he had to set aside for stamina; he just used Sharingan because he could not be turned off. Kakashi, for the first time in a long time, is able to train without having to monitor his Chakra level consciously. But the biggest story is that he is removed for one year from the fourth ninja war. He was seen as more vital than Im Obito in the battle against Madra. He was fighting well, keeping locked step with Six Gate Mike. he took down seven ninja sworders. There is a reason why, in the Boruto era, he was able to fight off an entire army of Shinobi, and it is not covered in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Series. 

Kakashi rise as a Hokage

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