Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 11 Preview, Konohamaru vs Hidari


Konohamaru’s Battle with Hidari: Key Panels and Strategic Insights

“We have more official previews coming to us from the official Naruto website, which has released another set of panels to get the Fandom hype for the upcoming Manga chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex that will be out in less than 1 day—anyone who is thinking that the upcoming chapter is an 80-page Manga chapter, lower expectations. The 80-page number that people are referencing is the number of pages from The Forum. But V Jump has only a 35 to 40-page chapter.

fire rasangan

So, over on the official Naruto website, we have a set of panels that have been released to tap into what’s going on with Sarada and Konahamaru and the Class Representative in their Battle. And this one, the timing is well done. We have Konahamaru fighting against Hidari one day after I get an artwork commissioned of Hidari carrying Konahamaru in the trash while staring at the class representative looking on in shock at Konahamaru being trash. However, rejoice, Konahamaru fans! It’s not actually all that bad when you look at the panels themselves. In fact, Konahamaru fans should be very proud that he is still alive. And I’m not even saying this to joke or to throw backhanded shots at the character. Because Hidari, based on the panel, has already started killing people in the chapter, and Konohamaru is still alive.

So, for Konahamaru, in the upper corner, we see one of the Chunin who was following Konohamaru into the Battle, burning alive from what looks like a fire-released Jutsu, which makes a lot of sense. Hidari is a clone of Sasuke, so it makes sense that he can perform the Chidori. So, can he also perform Uchiha Clan’s hidden Jutsu, the Great Fireball Jutsu? Now, we don’t know who the Chunin in question is. We can only hope it is Nishi, but when you look at the figure that’s being burned, he’s a few pounds too light for Nishi, which either means it’s a Chunin like the one who confronted Isshiki in the manga and managed to live, or that fire released Jutsu just managed to burn all 300 pounds of fat on Nishi’s chunky body before he began to kill him.

konohamaru and boruto

In the panel that we’re seeing, we see Konohamaru. He’s attempting to tag Hidari with the Rasengan, but Konohamaru is just a little bit too slow to hit him. Before the Rasengan can connect on the back of his head, Hidari teleports to the claw mark behind Konohamaru, which leaves him open for attack. I want to address something that I’ve seen people online already using: trying to drag Konohamaru here and blowing it all up out of proportion. People are saying, ‘Why didn’t Konohamaru use a long-range projectile Ninjutsu like a Fireball Jutsu or a Lightning Release Jutsu or a Wind Release Jutsu? Why is he trying to use a Rasengan? That doesn’t make any sense.’

So, there are a few reasons why he used the Rasengan. If you slow down here, take out your emotions as a Konohamaru fan and look at the panels and the situational awareness. One of the people he’s leading is being burned alive by what appears to be a freshly fired-off Jutsu. Hidari is literally standing in front of a man who is maybe 10 to 20 feet away from him. If Konohamaru shoots off a projectile, Jutsu and Hidari do exactly what he just did, which is not stand there and get hit by the attack, not stand there out of fascination the way that Jura did when Shikdai used the Nar Clan’s hidden Jitsu on him to restrain him, that Chunin underneath Konohamaru’s command, on top of getting burned alive, is also being hit by another attack. 

konohamaru team

If it’s Wind Release, the flames grow even hotter, and they likely spread. And they’re fighting inside the Village. You don’t want that. If it’s a Lightning Release Jutsu, he takes a ton more damage. On top of that, if it’s a Fire Release Jutsu, then Konohamaru gets a freshly fried-up Chunin, extra crispy. To take it back to Shikamaru, who, due to the budget cuts by the feudal lord as we were told in part one of the stories, is going to ask, ‘Why didn’t you just reduce him to ashes, since cremation is cheaper than a funeral?’ Those are Konohamaru’s three changes in Chakra nature: Wind Release, Fire Release, and Lightning Release. Nothing suggests he added Water Release during the three-year time skip, and Earth Release would be pointless here.

His best option was to use the Rasengan, which ironically would do more damage than any of those Chakra nature attacks, even the Great Dragon Flame Jutsu. Since the Rasengan is a compressed Chakra, it is the Pinnacle of change in Chakra shape and will do more damage than any of those Jutsu. Now, the other thing here is that it’s commendable that Konohamaru is still running the table and jumping head-first in the battles against stronger enemies despite the power gap. And it’s out of his sense of duty to the Village. He fought Kashin Koji, and he got packed up. He fought against Jigan in the anime, and he got packed up. And before Jigan sent him Chakra on express delivery, he asked him, ‘Was this the best that Konoha could do?’ He fought Isshiki in the anime, and the only one on the team that survived Isshiki’s attack was him, despite Konohamaru leading the charge and having the least amount of time than anyone out of that group to react to Isshiki’s attack.

Konohamaru is a lot of things, but one thing he isn’t is a coward. That boy has a heart at the age of 32 years old, which is a reminder we’re 19 years removed from the end of Naruto Shippuden. I am clarifying that because I saw people who think that Konohamaru is in his 20s when he is. The other interesting thing here is that we’re seeing more of Hidari’s fighting style being put on full display. We talked about it here in the chapter review last month. He places those claw marks in the way that he does, which allows him to attack from the front of somebody or the behind of somebody or the behind of the person standing behind that person. Any strategy fighting Hidari is going to have to have a similar method to what you did when you went against Hidan, where you can’t allow Hidan to get into that weird joshing symbol before he ingests your blood, or rather after he ingests your blood. You’re going to have to watch your feet to make sure you aren’t too close to his claw marks, especially since the only known way we know of how to dispose of them is Kawaki’s Kokugan Dojutsu—the Sukunahikona. 

konohamaru and shikadai

The last set of panels shows Konohamaru missing his Rasengan and turning around as Hidari is preparing to use a Chidori to impale him from behind. Whether or not this is the end of Konohamaru, we’ll have to wait to see if the point of the teaser is to generate hype and interest within the Fandom for chapter 11 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex itself. Now, there are a few more things that we can take away from this chapter preview, such as what happened in the world that led to Hidari seemingly killing or attempting to kill the Chunin who was with Konohamaru.

The last we saw, Hidari was on site regarding the approach he took to Sarada. He had no hesitation; it was a green light, and he went right for it. However, we don’t see anything like that here, so naturally, your first question is asked: what happened to Sarada? Did Hidari unexpectedly take out Sarada? Is she now part of the tree club like Sasuke? We can’t be sure right now, but that’s a really good hook to get you invested. The other thing we have to ask is what happened to Class Rep. She’s going to be my Darkhorse character for this chapter, especially now that we see there’s a guy who’s being set on fire. While Sarada doesn’t have Water Release, she has the same three changes in Chakra nature that Konohamaru has: Wind Release, Fire Release, and Lightning Release. Class Rep is right there to do something for the guy who’s being burned alive since she has Water Release to put those flames out. Since there’s too much fire to do a traditional stop, drop, and roll method.

I like what we’re getting here from the Hidari versus Konohamaru panel. We get a chance to potentially see if the death of Naruto was enough for Konohamaru’s balls to finally drop and see if it leads to him seeking out more power to try and go stronger because his longtime rival is dead in his mind. The Village is now vulnerable, as Boruto stated, when reality finally hits him, and he accepts that his father no longer has Kurama; his father is no longer the best person to protect the Village. He said that Shinobi, during times like this trained in order to meet the moment as best.

konohamaru rasangan attack

They could, and this is the moment Konohamaru should do so. Whether or not he sinks or swims, it’s going to be all on him. While I am more inclined to say that this is going to be another case of Konohamaru getting screwed because he happens to be fighting someone several tiers higher than him, I’m going to hold out hope that he took some Chakra and managed to get some gains because he is technically in his Prime right now. He’s still a few years away from peaking. There’s still some room for his character to grow before he hits his ceiling. Whether or not he’s the power of his 69-year-old grandfather who fought against Orochimaru and the two Ten Tails Hokage and was still considered to be the strongest of the five Hokage, doing part to Naruto, remains to be seen. Let alone the power of Prime here, who is stated to have surpassed every Hokage before him in power.

We’re going to be in for a pretty good chapter here, given everything that we’ve seen here. It’ll be more than just Himawari getting her chance to shine and Sarada. This might be more of a well-rounded chapter of Two Blue Vortex, where we get to see some of the other characters very briefly show what they can do before the stage is set for the people who are really going to be throwing down. The main attractions are obviously going to be Himawari versus Jura and Sarada versus Hidari. The official V jump teaser that was released earlier this month said that the Battle with the Shinju was heating up, and we see it based on these two promo leaks, but it specifically said that Sarada was up to something. So, I guess we’re going to be getting something decent with Sarada since she’s not being used in either of these teasers. Again, the official release will be out on the 20th of June.”

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