Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 Leaks And Discussion

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Sarada vs Hidari Fight & Himawari Bloodlusted Unleashed

Brand new Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10 promotional spoilers are here, and we have got a lot to unpack because the Sarada vs. Hidari is finally here at long last, and Sasuke’s baby girl is pulling off some pretty insane feats in these new promotional leaks for the chapter. She is reacting and dodging Hidari’s Chidori at point-blank range, and as expected, the Boruto fandom is having a meltdown because certain members haven’t paid attention to the scaling. Grab those ramen bowls for this newest promotional leaks coming directly from the official Naruto website for Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10, regarding Sarada vs Hidari. 

Himawari’s Power Awakens

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 starts with Kurama and Himawari’s conversation leading up to the next couple of big battles. Those battles are Sarada versus Hidari as a solo fight and Himawari finally battling against Jura. There is going to be some meltdown coming, especially when we get to the Sarada portion of the story and potentially even the Himawari portion. Based on that promotional spoiler people were melting down over Sarada being able to react to Hidari Chidori. What is interesting here is that the chapter is devoted to the Kurama and Himawari conversation. So it gets really interesting when Kurama, during their discussion, explains everything to Himawari about awakened Shinju targeting. Shinju is inside of her as implied through the discourse that Kurama is explaining. Why has he been revived inside of Himawari? It does not kill the Jinchurki, and the Bijuu dies after using it. As Naruto Manga is established, Bijuu is reborn based on the information we have from the chapter 10 promo. 

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Himawari’s Unique Chakra Manifestation

Jura is giving chase the Team 10, and Inojin gets hurt right in front of her again. He said he would protect Himawari. The crazy thing about this is that when she goes off her Chakra it is different than when Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki’s Kurama Chakra in the past. Naruto had a bubbly red Chakra Cloak. Himawari’s Chakra has a distinct appearance. Some people will say that why Himawari does not have the golden Chakra of Kurama because she has yet to reach that point. There is another pretty thing: Himawari is the by-product of Ekimoto and Kishimoto. Kurama flat out and tells Himawari that she has more Chakra inside of her than her predecessor. The drawback for Himawari is that she is where Naruto was. Naruto was stated to injustice base have four times the amount of Chakra that Kakashi did. Kurama sys that she has more Chakra in her than Naruto Uzumaki. But she is still learning to use her power, which means she is likely wasting Chakra. But that is the brilliance of her being ridden in an emotional state. 

Ongoing Battle Revealed Sarada vs Hidari

The promotional spoiler released is a fully finished page from the upcoming manga chapter. Where is Sarada vs Hidari going down? Where we see Sarada reacting to Hidari Chidori which is coming at her from her blind side. Konoha is rushing forward to provide backup. But there are a few things that give us a lot of insight into what is happening before the action scene. That is not the start of the Sarada fight, but in fact, the battle appears to have been going on for a bit before this panel takes place. Sarada has 3 Tomoe Sharingan activated. But there are smoke clouds, which means they have already engaged a Tai Jutsu or Sarada has used some form of fire release Jutsu. Something has happened here because smoke clouds are coming, and interestingly enough, Hidari’s attack pattern is similar to what we have seen before when he fought Boruto Uzumaki. He is attacking from the blind side and attacks Sarada by using the smoke clouds. 

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Understanding Chakra Signatures with the Sharingan

The next thing we can take away from this is that Hidari has already layered the battlefield with claw marks. There are some in front of Sarada and some behind her. The way he has drawn is already got one foot out of the claw mark. The rest of his body is coming out to attack. He is using thrust motion for the Chidori, which requires high speed.  I love this battle being here. One of the things I wanted to see with Sasuke versus Code. Because Sharingan power allows the user to use their Kekkai Genkai to see Chakra, Code is coming through those marks and has his own Chakra signature. If Code is masking it the Sharingan will be able to see it similarly as Sasuke’s Sharingan can see Jigan. Jigan can raise his Chakra signature to avoid Naruto Uzumaki’s sensory skills. Here, the same thing applies to Hidari. Other awakened Shinju use the Code Jutsu, which is part of their bodies made up of the codes on Chakra. Hence, Hidari uses Chidori, and this is going to be a very important context in terms of battle. 

Sarada’s Growth and the Legacy of Naruto & Sasuke

Sarada Sharingan allows her to track Hidari by seeing the Chakra color. It also explains how the Sasuke versus Code battle happened. As we have seen, Code travel speed through the claw marks is pretty fast in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Series. It does not hinder the person’s combat speed. So Sarada dodged a point-blank-range attack. That is the correct choice, especially if we are going to have Himawari and Kurama. Sarada is only as strong as her mother was at the time when she fought with Saucery, what we see from Sarada with their power in part one. It is one of the reasons why Naruto lost Kurama; he gets a lot of bad takes from people saying that he is only at pain Arc level now. Or they say that Sasuke was only the strongest Shinobi from the war. There is a reason why Sasuke told Sarad in the Anime that Sarada was stronger than he was in Naruto, Part One. He said it because it is true. 

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Sarada Surprises Sakura and Sasuke

Sarada was already Chunin level, and Boruto and Sarada were close to each other. When Kakashi called Boruto, someone who was already at the strength level of chunin. Sarada and Boruto each already had the strength level of Genin. That story was consistent with the anime manga. Major changes are that Urushiki is being added to the anime version, and Kurama is being introduced at the end of the anime manga. Because Boruto Manga had yet to be green-lit, you can continue to follow Sarad through the event of the story where Boruto was training to use Karma, which made for monstrous growth. We see a bigger jump in Sarada moving from the Genin level to being Hokage level power when she starts training with her parents. After the base, Sakura is thrown down with Sarad Taijutsu. Sakura says Sarada has reached her limit, and she is going to end the fight now. Sakura proceeds to throw a chakra-enhanced punch at Sarada. Sarada not only matches the force equally but the collective force of attack produces. That, on top of it, shocked Sakura that Sarada matched her output. That leads to both Sakura and Sasuke saying that Sarada did enough for them to take even more brutal measures with their training. 

Hokage-Level Potential: Examining Sarada’s Current Power

Sakura was not using the Chkara from a Byakugan Seal. She was still significantly stronger than a few Naruto characters in base. Sakura scaling over the Akatsuki is a different conversation. How strong is Sarada at the end of part one? Sarada jumped up high enough to react to Hidari’s attack. It does not mean that she is stronger or as stronger as Hidari. She was not off guard because her Sharingan was active. She was already strong enough as Hokage power. You could drop her in a fight with high Hokage-level Shinobi. She is winning, depending on how the fight plays out. Sarada got this far on her own mostly training with her mother and training with her father. She did training after returning to the village with Momoshiki, including the Sharingan right before the Boruto fight in the Two Blue Vortex Manga Series. There needed to be a more serious urgency for training. It was something that was done because it was expected of her, similar to Boruto, Kawaki, and Omnipotence. It changed all of that. Boruto is on his own, not using Karma at the rate where Sasuke is telling him that he has learned every Jutsu that Sasuke could have taught him over a year. There was an urgency to get stronger to beat Kawki in a way where he could win without killing him. That means he just overpowered him to a point where he could fight without killing the same way Obito and Nagato packed up the members of Akatsuki. Sarada, for the first time in her life, has the one thing stated multiple times in the Naruto Manga Series to use to increase her power. Only a few people knew the truth about Omnipotence and, in particular, about Kawaku Uzumaki stealing Boruto Uzumaki’s life. We see no love lost between the two. We see open tension and hostility between them. 

Sarada, Mitsuki, and Boruto on top of having a higher floor than the ceiling of the Boruto Hokage.  They were directly stated to have more power than their parents, Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and Orochimaru. We have seen Boruto pass his parents, and Mitsuki has done with Orochimaru. Sarad looks like she is on top with her father, depending on how the Hidari fight goes. Hidari was the only Shinju who got weaker than the person whose Chakra they were made from. No, each member of Team 7 had higher potential than their parents. Now, the last couple of things we have from the leaks discussion is Kawaki, who appears to know the truth about Shikamaru helping Boruto. Because Boruto is freaking out because he can not control Momoshiki’s power, the official chapter will be dropping out on the 20th or the 21st of this month of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Online

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