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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Chapter 11 A New Mission

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Chapter 11, titled “A New Mission,” brings a mix of action, intrigue, and character development that keeps readers engaged and sets the stage for future developments. This month’s chapter happens to be very exciting because we have a formal introduction of a brand-new villain who has the ability to transform into people and utilize their special abilities, everything down to their physical appearance, their voice, and, of course, their signature jutsu.

Boruto is still constantly reminded of the defeat of Momoshiki as he still has that weird cursed seal mark on the palm of his hand. Sasuke also knows what is going down, but he is confused about what this seal is going to do and is keeping a close eye on the son of Naruto. This week’s chapter of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” also has some really cool action.

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The chapter begins with Team Konohamaru, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, on a mission to save Konoha Bank from the Mujina Bandits. They try to rob the bank. They are various ninja from other villages, and much like the Atsutsuki, they put a big scratch mark through their protective headbands and get ambushed by Mitsuki and Sarada. Konohamaru relays orders over the radio.

Boruto is sort of concerned about that seal on his hand, especially because they do not know what the hell it is going to do, and the fact that Sasuke did not notice this is something that the reader would have noticed in that chapter when he was paying attention with his Rinnegan abilities. The problem is, this technique is so unique that Sasuke himself does not really know what to do with it. He basically just tells Boruto to be extra careful and, if anything goes down, to let him know. Even Sarada did not notice what Boruto Uzumaki is facing. She is about to be stabbed in the face by an Assassin’s Creed-type weapon. Mitsuki apprehends one bandit with his extendable arm, while Sarada engages another in close combat.

Sarada said, “Stop zoning out. You have been acting weird. You okay?”

Boruto says, “Yes, I am fine.” He said to her, “Use your Rasengan power to defeat them and do not let them go. You let your guard down, Sarada.”

Mujina Bandit thieves realize that there was one more of them. Sarada said, “I set you up to steal the glory. I will have you treat me to tea later. We thought he might run off once it was three to one. Now he just needs to lead us to the boss.”

boruto uses rasengan

Boruto said, “Do not let him get away and use Rasengan.”

Sarada asked him again, “Were you listening to the plan?”

Boruto Uzumaki replied, “I was listening, but I guess I did not understand it all.” He left by saying, “I will be late meeting up with Shikadai’s bunch.”

Meanwhile, Ibiki reported to Naruto at the Hokage office that Katasuke had been influenced by an external force. He has been in shock after learning the truth. There is evidence that he leaked intel on scientific ninja tools. It is highly likely the enemy’s motive has something to do with scientific ninja tools. Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, ordered Shikamaru to deal with Sasuke. He said, “Sai and Ibiki, you both keep investigating this.”

Mirai arrived at the Hokage office to report about the new mission. He reported that Team Konohamaru had successfully captured the Mujina Robbery Ring trio that had infiltrated our village. Their boss was absent on that occasion. He cannot just copy the appearance but also the voice too. Above all, he can copy the memories of those he kills and transform into them. Shikamaru reminded Naruto of his upcoming meeting with the Land of Fire’s daimyō, which Naruto had almost forgotten.

Naruto said, “You better not keep him waiting; he is the daimyō of our Land of Fire.”

En route to Konoha, the daimyō’s son, Tentō, proudly showed his father a young Naruto trading card he had obtained. “I must hurry on, or I will be late to an important meeting at the Hokage office,” said the daimyō. He instructed his chauffeur to look after Tento.

Tento bought a carton of extreme ninja cards but faced the limitation of three packs per customer. Tentō decided to buy out the entire store. Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin were also at the store, purchasing new packs. Boruto had a rare card of his father but wanted one more like it, yet he found nothing. He got annoyed by not having that card.

boruto new mission

Shikadai asked him, “Are you going to spend all of your mission pay on these cards?”

Sarada, watching this, said, “Boys really are dumb, spending so much money on blind pack stuff.”

Mitsuki said, “These are extreme ninja cards featuring famous ninja through the ages.”

Meanwhile, Ibiki reported to Naruto at the Hokage office that Katasuke had been influenced by an external force. He haSarada replied, “You seem to know a lot, but you do not play.”

Metal Lee arrived with a summons from Konohamaru for Boruto. Upon reaching the Hokage Mansion, Boruto was introduced to Tentō. The boy immediately judged Boruto’s simple attire, expecting the Hokage’s son to dress more lavishly.

Boruto asked Konohamaru, “What is going on here?”

“For the next few days, you’ll be Tentō’s bodyguard while the daimyō is at the conference,” Konohamaru informed Boruto. “This too is a mission, Boruto. You will be one of Lord Tentō’s escorts for a few days.”

Boruto asked, “What about Sarada and Mitsuki?”

Konohamaru said, “You were the personal pick of none other than Lord Madoka.”

Boruto, already disliking Tentō, protested, “I do not want this mission!”

Tentō began ordering Boruto around, testing his patience. Frustrated, Boruto confided to Konohamaru, “I really want to beat him up.”

Konohamaru chuckled. “This is just another hardship, Boruto. You will learn from it.”

Grudgingly, Boruto accepted his new mission, knowing it was another step in his journey to becoming a true shinobi. Just as Boruto was reflecting on his recent encounters, he couldn’t help but recall his unexpected meeting with Tentō at the Konoha Mountain Villa, where their initial conversation quickly turned into a display of ninjutsu and a budding friendship. Read chapter 12 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Mangs Series.

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