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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: The Chunin Exam Begins

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Chapter 3 Review of Boruto Manga Online

There is a new chunin exam, new rivals, and tons of new action that expands on the Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga Series. I did not think it was possible, but the Boruto Uzumaki does the manga version justice and might even eclipse it! Please find out more in my review of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Online.

Boruto Manga: Chunin Exams Take Center Stage

The chunin exams have officially begun, but I am actually enjoying this a lot more than the movie version. There are a lot of new characters introduced. There are a lot of crazy action scenes as well. So, let’s jump into this chapter of Boruto Manga Online. This chapter felt so classic to me. It seems that I am reading the old chapter of the Naruto Manga series. We are talking about the original chunin exam with the introduction of all these really great and colorful characters. They are coming together from different places to complete and use their minds powers of Ninja. The best thing about this chapter of Boruto Manga is how it actually expands on this chapter. In the very first round of the chunin exam, they have the true and false quiz. Where they answer true or false, which is filled with ink, it is a big trap that the examiner sets up. They have to stop themselves from falling into the ink using their special ninja powers. They have to see ahead of what is actually going to happen, and they have to risk it all in order to win. It worked in the movie version, but here in the chapter, it is expanded upon. We get this entire different part of the exam where they have to run through this forest which is filled with traps. Young children get destroyed by giant logs and explosions. We also got to see the return of Tenten in this chapter. She is the one who set up the traps in this massive forest.

boruto with his team
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stone village team
wood robots in chunin exam

New Faces in the Chunin Exam

Another thing that I really loved about this chapter is how they are taking time to introduce all of these different fighters. We are actually trying to learn their names and their possible motivations. That is why this chapter is worth reading. It is not just the people from the other villages, but it is the new characters that were introduced as a team in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga series. What is going on with them, which I think is pretty freaking awesome. The brand new characters that are introduced in this episode, let’s talk about them first. There is a team of Genboo from the Hidden Stone Village. These guys look intimidating, but they are going to be the joke characters of the entire Arc. They are made to look really scary and hardcore. When they are running through the forest during the exam, they are about to do this incredibly awesome technique.

We also have the tree triplets from the village Mist Village. I like,s that they are keeping the dream alive of vertical lines. The Hidden Mist Village can not get enough of them. The Hidden Sand Village looks awesome; it is a combination of Gaara and Kankuro, as they have a magnet release technique of the iron sandwich. He is wearing a cloak around his body, which allows them to destroy everything in this entire exam. Whether it is defeating the wooden robots or just saving themselves from falling into the ink, they have a number of really cool, unique abilities. His rivalry with Boruto Uzumaki is definitely one of the best things about chapter 3 because they both happen to be sons of Hokage.

Next-Gen Chunin Exam Heats Up

Every single Ninja in the village was in the chunin exam and was hanging out at this place before the actual exam began. It was an excuse to see Boruto and his friends and how they interact with these characters in Next Generation’s Manga Series. We also get the Ninja from the hidden village. There is a Yuri. he looks kind of a little version of Killer Bee. he has a little eight-tail necklace and is just sort of like the stereotypical punk looking down. He is about to get into a fight with Boruto. But Shinky decides to break it up by wrapping them up in his iron sand. That reminds me of the original Chunin exam in the original Naruto Manga series. These characters mean each other; they are being immediate friction and challenging each other. But it is basically the expansion of that whole brand-new forest section. They add a lot of really cool things like pitfalls, massive logs that smack into people explosions going off all over the place. I can only talk about this chapter if I mention the robots. There are wooden robots in the episode, and everyone fights against them.  It is really very thrilling and doing something a little different than the previous one. That is definitely the next-generation chunin exam.

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boruto vs mist
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Sarada and Mitsuki Save Boruto

The final part of the chapter could be clearer, where they go to the true and false. It is a trick. Even if you go true or false, you are still going to fall into a massive pit which is filled with ink. That is where they have to challenge themselves to try and risk it all to win. Here, I do note in the chapter that Sarada and Mitsuki saved Boruto. He is about to fall into the ink. Boruto does beat himself about this, but he has a lot more confidence in this chapter. He at least realized that he had to grab onto this thing to survive in this exam. She saves his teammate by taking the kunai and putting it like right in the wall behind him. Shinky uses his sand to raise every one. The team could hang out on some bubbles, which is really awesome. The triplets from the Hidden Mist are hanging out on top of the ink. They are utilizing their Chakra to stand on. I love the way they are expanded on this Arc. The chapter ends as the characters take a rest before the next portion of the chunin exam. We have a very interesting scene where Naruto Uzumaki is sending a congratulatory email to his son. This chapter of Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations is really cool. I really love this chapter, as the themes are really fascinating.

The best thing about Chapter 3 is that all the characters are using their powers. I don’t know which one is my favorite quite yet. Every single one of them is unique in a way that I really want to see. New characters and themes are expanded upon in the manga arc. I am excited to read what sort of new battles were going to be getting for this exam. Naruto is always stuck in his office doing paperwork. It is an idea to keep him away from the story. That is really very depressing for me. Another big thing in this chapter is Boruto having his conflict. It is about the ninja technology that he is wearing. He realizes that whenever he uses it, it will cause him a lot of trouble. But still, he is willing to risk it to try and impress his father, whom he does not like. He wanted to be recognized by his father, the seventh Hokage. That is Boruto Uzumaki’s entire story in this Arc. He wants to be the best, like no one ever. What do you want to read from the rest of the chunin exam arc in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga Online? The Chunin Exams have officially begun, but this feels much more expansive than the movie version we saw. There are a lot of new characters introduced, and the exams themselves are much more complex. Read about the new characters and exam details in our review of Boruto Chapter 4. Hope you enjoy reading this review. 

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