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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: The Training Begins

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We do not see much of his abilities until the very end of the chapter, Boruto Naruto Next Generations. We are both Momoshiki and Kinshiki confronting a killer bee, which was, without a doubt, my favorite thing about this chapter. Killer Ninja has always been one of my favorite characters. UIn the weekly chapter of Boruto Naruto the Next Generations, Boruto Uzumaki begins formal training under Sasuke. The main villains, Momoshiki and Kinshiki, finally appear. The previous chapter 1 was surprisingly single, with Boruto continuing to be the annoying little bastard who wants to one-up his father in just about any way he can. But the best thing is that he is going to get his Shinobi training from Sasuke. Here, surprisingly, Sasuke does not agree to train Boruto unless he learns how to use the Rasengan. You know what that means? He is going to get a freaking training montage. Basically, what is going on here is that Boruto is desperately trying to learn how to use the Rasengan, which is very similar to the fourth Hokage. He is completely failing at all of it. In order to impress Sasuke, he has another plan for his Ninja sleeve. That is actually the use of those brand-new ninja techniques which are being used in experiments. One of them contains the ability to use Rasengan. Firstly, he hides it, and then, on a perfect occasion, he uses the Rasengan. Sasuke liked it and said I am not going to question any of this. It is a little weird, but you are nothing like your father. He said I am going to train you anyway. It is perfect timing because the Chunin exam is about to begin. Mitsuki and Sarada are getting ready to head into the battle. 

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Highlighting the New Villains in Boruto Chapter 2

The coolest thing about this Boruto Manga online chapter 2 is the introduction of some new villains from the series. These villains have a strong relationship with the Otsutsuki clan—in fact, they are from the same clan. It means that more crazy alien villains who use ninja abilities are going to land in Hidden Leaf Village. It can only make sense in the Naruto Manga series, but it is really awesome that we had other villains who went by the name of Kinshiki. Basically, this really big dude who has this horn coming out of his head has a big massive club and sharp carving knife weapons. We have this little flashback sequence where Sasuke found Momoshiki and Kinshiki in a giant ice castle. We get this big action where Sasuke fights against him using his sword and a lot of his true techniques. It is fast-paced and super action, and it really makes me want to read this chapter online. It seems that Momoshiki is the default leader of this group because he has a lot more personality. Kinshiki has all of the muscle, with Momoshiki running everything behind the scenes. unfortunately, he does not take any big action in this chapter, aside from already being transformed into the eight-tailed Gyuki. He does a big Bijuu Bomb technique launch. Momoshiki managed to absorb it with Rinnegan, who was in his hand. Then, he is able to weaponize it and throw it right back at him with more power. That was a really shocking scene for me because we all know how powerful the Killer Bee is. But we all know how powerful the Otsutsuki clan is. That was basically to check how powerful these guys are, and clearly, they are looking for a more powerful Chakra force that is going to come in the form of Nine Tails Fox.

New Villains, New Techniques, Boruto Chapter 2 Heats Up

In this month’s chapter 2 of Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations, there is some pretty exciting material right here, such as Boruto Uzumaki not going to win with his personality. I find him annoying. He is similar to Naruto Uzumaki in many senses, but he also has a lot of combinations of Sasuke as well. Basically, he looks like Naruto, but he has Sasuke’s techniques, which is why Sasuke is enamored with him. That is why he has decided to train him, and he does not know that Boruto has been cheating. I can not wait to see how that is going to be developed. We see that Boruto Uzumaki meets Mitsuki and Sarada as they are the friend. It is different than things like when Naruto and Sasuke were kids. During that time, everybody hated Naruto Uzumaki, the seventh Hokage. Sasuke was brooding over the death of his parents. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki probably knew each other since childhood. So, there are a lot of things you could infer about their relationship. You can accept the fact that they are really close friends. 

If you are starved for more Naruto action, you need to check out the Boruto spin-off series. The art is good compared to the Kishimoto style. It is no doubt different, but it resembles it enough. That is a time skip with a lot of new characters. This chapter is going to be cool with a lot of action and humor and a great build-up of this arc of Boruto. I enjoy it. I thought all the Rasengan training could have been trimmed down, but with the introduction of brand-new villains, the Killer Bee is seen. Boruto is managing all the Sasuke tricks. I am really interested in seeing where this manga (Boruto Naruto Next Generations) is going. 

While Chapter 2 establishes the looming threat of the Otsutsuki clan with Momoshiki and Kinshiki, Boruto’s immediate challenge lies in the Chunin Exams, where he’ll face fierce competition and unforeseen dangers (explored further in Chapter 3: The Chunin Exams Bigins).

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