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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7 Review

Boruto and Mitsuki Clash

After almost seven years since the first chapter of Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations dropped, we have been waiting to see when the Boruto time skip would occur. Finally, the chapters are here, but we also have spoilers for the upcoming manga chapter for Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 7! Boruto might be back in Konoha, but Mitsuki is not there to welcome him with open arms. Instead, he has bloodlust and sage mode and is ready to start battling Boruto! Boruto vs. Mitsuki is finally here, and this Boruto vs. Sage Mode Mitsuki battle is incoming and coming out strong with guns blazing! However, with the new chapter, we have a hiccup thrown into the situation; Mitsuki might realize the truth about Boruto and Kawaki, but not before Boruto beats the brakes off Mitsuki! Meanwhile, Jura has realized that he must hunt down Naruto for the answers he needs! Grab those ramen bowls for this newest spoiler for Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 7 manga. 

Boruto vs Mitsuki clash
Boruto strategic growth

Boruto’s Strategic Growth

 Boruto Manga Online Chapter 7 shows the levels of each character, but Boruto is just a level ahead of them when playing on God Mode. When Mitsuki fights with Boruto, he pulls a Sakuna to Mitsuki Jogan. Boruto Two Blue Vortex has shifted the story again and will shake things up and leave long-lasting effects. But you might have overlooked them because the chapters were focused on Boruto and Mitsuki’s fight. As the chapter opens, Mitsuki rushes toward Boruto, giving us much-needed development for Mitsuki’s character. He says he is a moon that exists in darkness like the real moon, which does not give off its light but instead must shine based on the sun’s reflected light. Sunsuki has been searching for the sun and moon in previous chapters. The clone son of Orochimaru guided him about that Sun. In those files, Boruto’s photo is included. Mitsuki is shown deep in thought, staring at Kawaki’s back. Using Omnipotence, Boruto is trying to shine light into darkness, and according to Kawaki, he is framing to kill Naruto. What we see here symbolizes Mitsuki’s dynamic with Boruto and Kawaki. We are also seeing that the seed being planted by Mitsuki is coming to a realization. But he is not able to see through the funk of Omnipotence. As long as Omnipotence has affected him, he cannot fully see his past. Boruto allows Mitsuki to know the reason before he uses force. He throws two shurikens in Mitsuki’s direction. Boruto diverts Mitsuki’s attention from the Shurekin by not using the right. He dodges his snake, Chakra. At one point, he is almost wrapped up. But he managed to slip away at the last second by God-given natural speed. Boruto makes the hand seal for flying Raigan, and he teleports away the Shariken. But he declines and chooses to gather more intel, which is another sign of maturation and character. He is staying more composed and thinking a few steps ahead with Shurekin. He has already mastered critical elements of the flying Rasengan.

A Poison’s Effect

Boruto came back to Konoha and used Jutsu in multiple ways. He showed Mitsuki that he had ended the fight there and that he had no aggression in his heart. It is Boruto’s way of showing him that I am the monster. He asked why I did not just take you down right there when I could. However, Mitsuki doubles down on his intentions to fight Boruto. Shikamaru brings Boruto to the audience, and here, Mitsuki poisons Kwaki to prevent him from entering into his Otsutsuski transformation. He is attempting the same thing with Boruto. I can already see a few people looking at this, saying this is a plot hole for Boruto and it would not affect Mitsuki in Boruto Naruto’s Next Generation.

A poison effect to boruto

Mitsuki’s Strategy And Boruto’s Strength

In the Arc, we saw that poison works on Otsutsuski and affects his body. If poison can affect Otsutsuski, then it makes sense that their vessel should also be affected. It prevents them from transforming, but the Karma seal has multiple power stages, as we learned when Boruto fought with Code. What we are seeing here is that Mitsuki did not rush into combat without a plan. He is plotting how to fight with Boruto. It is a ninja method. By using deception and Mitsuki’s mind, he can switch Boruto and Kawaki’s memories. Mitsuki’s snakes bite into Boruto, and if Boruto ever tried to use Karma, he would not be able to do so. However, Mitsuki knows he is fighting someone strong enough to take down Code easily. He knows that even Kawaki can not do this. From the start of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, we are saying that Borutoi is different.

Boruto strength and Mitsuki strategy

The Shadow of the Sun: Kawaki’s Threat and Boruto’s Challenge 

Kawaki said to himself that when he saw the Code, it was damaged by Boruto. He said he could probably kill him, but he was getting tagged by the Claw Grimes. One had Ranigan, and he was forced to use Karma Seal and Ninja Tech inside his body to fire out a Chakra blast. He took down some Claw Grimes. Mitsuki would never have gotten that close because Kawaki’s senses were much sharper by comparison. Even when Boruto fought with Shinju, he never used Karma. It is a genuine threat to Kawaki, simultaneously creating the battle of Mitsuki versus Boruto. Mitsuki shoots out six snakes at Boruto, but in typical ninja trickery, the snakes transform into shadow clones, and each of these clones starts shooting oss Chakra snakes. But Boruto geniusly adjusts to the sight of the shadow clones. Mitsuki clones begin to damage the environment. Boruto says he can not die yet and can not afford to lose in Konha. It is similar to Kwaki’s Kwaki’s statement that he would kill Boruto inside Konoha. Boruto said dying in Konoha is ideal, but that time is not. Boruto grabs his sword and quickly runs lightning release through it as he takes down Mitsuki’s clone, But Mitsuki takes the opportunity of the smoke created from the clones’ destruction to release Jutsu. Unfortunately for Mitsuki, Boruto begins the same process, and he counters Mitsuki’s snakes with his thunderclap arrow, and two Jutsu cancel each Other. Mitsuki is not trying to end the fight using aggression; instead, he is trying to reach him through compassion and mercy. Boruto takes advantage of the smoke, draws his sword, and places the blade at Mitsuki’s throat. Mitsuki then surrenders and tells him to kill him, but Boruto is making clear that his intention is not to kill Mitsuki. Thus, he is wrong about his whole situation. Eno and Shikamaru know Boruto is attempting to connect with Mitsuki, just like in Naruto Manga. The fight between high-level Shinobi can result in communication through fists and not having word exchange; Boruto holds steady, telling Mitsuki that he can shine on his own. If he needs a sun, that sun is not Kawaki. That sun is Boruto. Boruto tellinghim that he is now Mitsuki Sun. Mitsuki snakes wrap around Boruto. He holds him firm, telling Mitsuki that he knows in his heart that Kawaki is not his sun. He is beginning to see more seeds of doubt that are blossoming. 

Boruto and omnipotence effects

The Truth Revealed And Omnipotence’s Impact

Boruto gave him Jutsu and said search your own heart. He understands the same thing that Eida told Sumire and Sarada in Chapter 1. Omnipotence will affect people, and you will never rewrite their memories or change their perception of what they perceive to be the truth. They have to reach through on their own. Boruto says here after he tells Mitsuki that despite Kawaki waiting to kill him, he has no intention of killing Kawaki. Mitsuki is told that Naruto is still alive, and so is Boruto’s mother, Hinata. Boruto leads to speak with Eno and Shikamaru away from Mitsuki’s prying eyes to prevent him from discovering the truth about Boruto’s alliance. Boruto says Eida unwittingly cast an Omnipotence to alter everyone’s memories according to Kawaki’s wishes. He tells Shikamaru that he knows the truth. But Sarad noted that Omnipotence still affects people, which is weird, but Kawaki is still Naruto’s son. We see the effects with Eida and Sasuke; he becomes a tree later. In Boruto Manga Online, Sasuke chooses to help Boruto because of his daughter Sarada’s pleas. Sasuke said you are Naruto’s son, having the same blue eyes as that guy who saved me from the darkness of Omnipotence. Sasuke chose Boruto and Sarad because he believed that they could only solve the whole Omnipotence issue. Boruto tells Shikamaru that even knowing the truth, he is in danger. Omnipotence forces him to accept the memories. Omnipotence is the belief that Boruto killed Naruto and Hinata. But Shikamaru knows the truth despite the altered memories of others. He says Boruto will have to play the role of villain. Later, he will protect the village from the shadows just as Itachi protected it. He is now shadowing Hokage for the town. Jura was there, sitting around doing nothing. He is reading the history of Naruto World.  The truth bomb Boruto dropped on Mitsuki has far-reaching consequences! See how it sparks a rebellion within Kawaki’s forces and witness a shocking revelation about Himawari’s power in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 8. Will Boruto’s message of self-belief inspire others, or will the hidden dangers within Konoha erupt first?

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