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Kawaki and Delta Love

Himawari Got New Tailed Beast Chakra & Kawaki Vs Jura

Himawari beast chakra

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Chapter 8 Review

Eida’s Senrigan and the Hunt for Boruto Uzumaki

Things are getting out of hand in chapter 8 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Online. As Jura invades Konoha once again, Himawari Uzumaki is revealed to be in possession of a more significant power that’s going to have every power scaler in the community. The chapter opens by replaying the events of the last chapter. Eida is fighting, but she skips over the entirety of Boruto versus Mitsuki. She focuses on Boruto telling Mitsuki that he is his son and will always be there for Mitsuki, regardless of the circumstances. Kawaki has ordered Eida to use her Senrigan to track Mitsuki’s location so they can find Boruto Uzumaki. In chapter 8, she is watching what happened when Mitsuki found Boruto. Mitsuki and Boruto conversation grab Eida’s attention. Here, Kawaki starts talking aggressively to Eida, saying that he does not have time for her to be taking her time. Because he is worried about Boruto that he might escape, he is verbally abusive here with Eida, and she is begging Kwaki to give her more time. Delta warns Kawaki about how he is talking to Eida. But he tells Delta to mind her own business. We see Damon once again giving Kawaki a death glare. Damon glances at Kwaki, which is basically a silent mental note. He does not seem to be pleased with how Kawaki is talking to his sister. Damon versus Kawaki is been teased for a while. At this point, Kawaki flies off with Delta at his side.

Eida Senrigan and boruto
Kawaki hunts Boruto
Eida loves Kawaki
Delta's Revenge

Eida’s Hidden Depths: Love and Hurt & Delta’s Revenge

Delta promises to tell Kawaki how he has been treating Eida. Eida continues to show seemingly unwavering love toward Kawaki by asking Delta to look after Kawaki. Eida’s face gives a hint of her being fully aware of how Kawaki has not fully reciprocated her love. Eida is standing by her man Kawaki. She is doing that right now, but those feelings are clearly hurt, and if there is a split in the future, it would not be without Kawaki, at least. Now, they are flying toward Boruto’s location. Delta is going to kill him for the way that he is treating her. But he tells Eida the same thing he said to Sarada a few chapters ago. By killing Boruto, destroying Ten-Tails, and killing Code, he will gladly go off into the shadows. Then, it would not bother anyone. Delta said we have our eyes on our character. She is flying behind Kawaki, but she is not using Ninja Tech to Fly. Suppose you go back to when she first invaded Konaha to fight Naruto. She used the ninja tech in her body to fly those organic rockets. But now here she is, flying without the assistant. We have seen characters like Noiki use their Chakra to fly using a hidden Jutsu. Delta does not strike as a type of personal Le Ninjutsu.

In fact, Cyborgs outside of Kareshin Boruto and Victor do not seem to have an appreciation for Ninjutsu. Did Kawaki give Delta the Kerma Seal? Meanwhile, the remaining Claw Grimes are running through the forest undefeated Boruto and Shikamaru. Boruto tells Shikamaru that the planet is currently in danger because of the Shinju. There is no need to worry until either Boruto or Kawaki is eaten by one of the Shinju. If that happens, then the Shinju will become perfect, and it will produce a Chakra Fruit. Β  This fruit comes at the expense of the life of the planet. Both Boruto and Kwaki can be captured or consumed because the game will be over.Β 

Sarada Senses Sasuke’s Chakra

Sarada asks Shikamaru what about those people eaten by trees in the previous chapter. She said we need to work to find a way to reverse the fate of those people. We see that the current Hokage learns from the past, and Boruto confirms for Shikamaru that the people in the tree are still alive. Because the Ten Tail that bites them uses their Chakra, Boruto does not know what the end will be, but he is assured that Shinju is using the Chakra of those people. Boruto Manga Online explains Boruto’s reaction when he saw Hidari. He senses Sasuke’s Chakra within him. Konohagakure uses mind transmission to get powers. Eno told this two chapters ago when Boruto and Shikamaru made their first contact. Eno connects Shikamru with Kawaki for communication purposes. Shikamaru is able to speak to Boruto on one channel and Kawaki on the other channel. Kawaki is not as wise as to transfer information as quickly as possible. He informs Shikamaru that he and Delta are headed to Boruto’s location, and Eida has assigned his location for them. Kawaki says that when Delta is going to attack Boruto from the skies, he is going to attack him from the ground. However, Shikamaru tries to talk Kwaki out of attacking by warning him that Boruto is more skilled than he was before. Kawaki still wants all that smoke with Boruto Uzumaki. But he reads the situation on his own and uses flying Raijin to teleport away. Kwaki missed Boruto, and he and Delta had no idea how he knew they were coming. Kawaki might be suspecting Shikamaru of helping Boruto in the future. 

Kawaki is under claw grimes

Mitsuki’s Path to Self-Belief

Eida is lost in her thoughts, and Mitsuki joins her. She confronts Mitsuki for attacking Kawaki and tells Mitsuki all this when Kawaki’s guards are lower. Eida informed Mitsuki that Kawaki wanted her to find Mitsuki so Kawaki could locate Boruto Two Blue Vortex. But the conversation takes a drastic turn when Mitsuki starts telling Eida that until he meets her, he never really knows what it means to feel love. Eida shuts all that down, saying you are flirting with me. It is not going to work, so you better off going somewhere else. Mitsuki was shocked that she was not expecting everyone who was affected by her power to do so, but Mitsuki pointed out that this was something more profound. He was being bugged by it, and he accepted that in his mind, he always had a son who is, for the longest time, due to his memory being altered. He believed that his son was Kawaki, but that conversation with Boruto raised doubts. That explained why the chapter opened up with Eida focusing on that part of the conversation. Mitsuki has taken Boruto’s words to heart by saying that he needs to believe in himself. Otherwise, he will lose Boruto. Boruto tells Mitsuki that he is more capable of being his son and can shine on his own.

Mitsuki Self believe

Eida Seeks Boruto & Jura Makes A Move

Eida declares her love for Kawaki. Many people say he offers her something she has not experienced in a long time. Here, Mitsuki is questioning what is actually enough for Eida to feel love for Kawaki. She said that, hopefully, all of us would be fortunate enough to experience this at some point in our lives. She says that thinking of Kawaki fills her heart with tight pain, showing that what she feels for Kawaki does run deep, and it might not be infatuation. However, Kawaki merely sees her as a human GPS monitor and not as a potential partner. Mitsuki says that due to her ability to trap someone in love, he thinks that he is in false love and does not understand what real love is. She is asking Mitsuki if he is wondering if her feelings for Kawaki are not real but potentially fake as well, and she is confused as if Mitsuki is trying to go that route where Eida pretty much goes. However, Mitsuki’s words did strike something deep inside of Eida, and now she finds herself openly saying that she wants to speak to Boruto. He makes a new alliance. Back in Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations Manga, she swore not to use her power to help Konoha. But that alliance ended when she used her power. Here, they could be seeds being planted for a second alliance.
Meanwhile, Ten Tails hid out Jura and said it was time for us to make our move. We see something rather interesting here, which is that cube that they have at the base of their hideout. It directly connects to one of the Claw Grimes. That is still running the line of fire. When Jura leans his head against it, he is able to teleport out one of the markers on the back of the Claw Grimes. Here, Hidari leads to one of the boldest entrances that we have ever seen in the Boruto Manga world.

Sarada to Shikamaru
Shinju in Hidden Village
Jura is after Himawari

Sarada Revelation & Himawari Against Jura and Hidari

When Itachi and Kisame came to Konoha, they snuck in because Itachi knew the barrier Code. They just went down the wall and invaded from the skies. Jigan teleported into Naruto’s living room. Jigan even apologized, and Ishiki teleported from the sky just above the Hidden Village. Jura and Hidari are standing outside of the village, planning to walk right through the front gate. It shows how they think of the defense of the most vital ninja village. Shikamaru learns that Sasuke come through the gate. That is not really Sasuke. It is Hidari, but Shikamaru is not the only one who knows this because that transmission went out to everyone. Sarada is the only Konoha Shinobi who knows that the Chakra she is sensing belongs to Sasuke. Jura shows off a whole widescale wood Jutsu that takes out Shinobi faster. Eida then provides Shikamru with the update that the two intruders are not really Sasuke but Shinju. These Shinju are evolving beyond their instinct to be used just to consume Mitsuki for Chakra. He is calling out for Naruto Uzumaki, thinking that he might be in this bookstore. Kawaki suddenly shoots out the Chakra to Hidari, and Hidari is able to sense them and avoid them pretty much at point-blank range. Sasuke, with his Ranigan and Shaon combination, was unable to track the speed of those Chakra. He could see them but could not track them until they hit him. Hidari tracks them and avoids them quickly, which is enough for us to start a conversation. Hidari is more potent than Sasuke, who fights against Jigan and Ishiki. Hidari leaps into the air, and Kawaki hits him with a drop kick. He and Delta get ready for a combat. Jura steps out of the bookstore, telling Kawaki that I am not going to eat you. Jura summons a giant tree from underneath the ground to track Kawaki. He counters by using Sakuan Hikona to shrink himself and resize behind Jura. He shatters Kawaki ninja tech weapons made from Kawaki’s Chakra. Kawaki gets sent flying across the village into the water tank, and Delta races after Kawaki. Jura is shown flying in the air, looking in the opposite direction of Kawaki, saying he has found Naruto. But Jura should be looking at Kawaki because Kawaki sealed Naruto in that direction. Jura and Hidari fly off, and Kawaki is put to sleep for the second time. Shikadai is leading the members of Team 10 and Himawari and gives them orders on how they are going to handle the person. They believe in Sasuke and other intruders. Hidari and Jura drop down in front of them, and we get the plot twist of the century. The person that Jura has been sensing is Himawari Uzumaki. The shocking revelation of Himawari’s connection to Kurama in Chapter 8 deepens in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9. Discover the secrets of her power and the motivations of the mysterious invaders as the battle for Konohagakure intensifies!

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