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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 Review

A Clash of Loyalties in Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Chapter 6 starts with a fight between Boruto and his former friend Shikamaru. Shikamaru was struggling as a Hokage in a hidden village. He has to find the truth of his past mission to find out the truth. A layer of emotional complexity will happen in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Online as Mitsuki uses his ninja powers to manipulate Boruto’s memory. A friend Against friend is questing the fate of a hidden world of ninjas. A clash between them will be interesting as they are friends and have strong bonds. In Boruto Manga Online, Chapter 6 focuses on Boruto’s escape from Code and Shikamaru’s investigations. Kawaki is absent in all these situations, and his role needs to be clarified. People of the hidden village compare Boruto to Itachi. This theory adds interesting remarks to Uzumaki’s journey.

Shikamaru disloyalty to Boruto
Shikamaru investigate amado deception

Shikamaru Investigate Amado’s Deception

Shikamaru, the acting Hokage, met with the unforgiving old Hokage. They accused Next Generation Boruto Uzumaki is a traitor to the Shinobi world. Amado alters their memories, and they consider Naruto’s death a significant betrayal and demand justice. Shikamaru does not assume the Hokage title despite having its authority for three years to avoid further tensions. Amado swears a seed of doubt in Shikamaru’s thoughts. Shikamaru continues his investigation to find the truth of that mission. Eno calls Shikamaru, who is a member of the sensory team. She needs to learn the conversation between Kawaki and Mitsuki. Shikamaru agrees to help him because Kawaki and Shinju plan to target Boruto Naruto’s Next Generation. But she only hears that Naruto is in danger. Eno catches him red-handed. The stakes were high, and he knew he needed Eno’s help investigating the old mission. The fate of the hidden village hung in the balance. 

Boruto Reunited with Sarada and Sumire

Meanwhile, different kinds of storms appear in the village. That is the sign of Shinju, Amado tells Kawaki. Shunju was here to target Boruto and Shikamaru. Naruto arrives in Kawaki’s world, and danger sparked a flicker of concern in his eyes. In Boruto Manga Online, Damon is loyal to his sister. Damon threatens Kawaki and says he will not hesitate to destroy him if Ada is harmed. Arriving at Konohagakure, he wanted to find Naruto. This fabricated story was to ensure his safety. Shinju’s threat of killing Two Blue Vortex and him was echoed in his mind. But Mitsuki learns the truth about Kawaki’s motivation. Suddenly, Boruto Uzumaki manga appears, and the narrative shifts to Boruto Two Blue Vortex. He reunites with Sarada and Sumire. He explains the events of the time skip and his fight with Claw Grimes. Code’s new powers can absorb Jutsu and, in the end, expose Sasuke’s death. 

Boruto reunite saarada

Shikamaru Mission Against Otsutsuki

In Chapter 6, Kawaki’s fabricated story to save Naruto is exposed. Damon’s careless disregard for the lie causes a layer of tension to emerge. Mitsuki makes a lot of sense. Shikamaru realizes that his memory is altered. He realizes that Mitsuki can not take down Boruto. So, Shikamaru needs Boruto to stay alive and verify the truth. He directly contacts Boruto and says his theory to understand Otsutsuki has a potential turning point. You are Shinobi world Hokage, and I want criminal at Konohagakure. Shikamaru gives some goodwill faith. Then, a Mitsuki snake wraps around the Boruto Two Blue Vortex. He uses Sasuke’s power, which he has learned from him during training. He was now a master in every Jutsu, and his fighting style resembled Sasuke. The flying sword and purple lighting demonstrate his mastery of the new Jutsu. Mitsuki shoots off that chakra snake, but Boruto cuts that snake with purple lightning. He vows to save everyone by fulfilling Code’s prediction and mirroring Kawaki’s action. Boruto had learned the Jutsu itself and used Mitsuski’s power to fly. That reminds me of the series Boruto Naruto Next Generation. 

Otsutsuki mission

Betrayal Unveiled

 Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6, Shikamaru finally admits his doubts. He suspects Kawaki’s narrative is a lie about Boruto. Overall, this was his secrecy toward Sarada and Sumire. Mitsuki lands a surprise attack on Boruto to complete his mission by Konohagakure. He uses sage mode to catch up, fleeing Boruto, granting him impressive speed. The chapter ends with a fight between Boruto and his former teammate. The battle between Boruto and Mitsuki reaches a turning point! Discover the shocking truth behind Mitsuki’s attack and witness Boruto’s attempt to break free from Kawaki’s manipulation in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7. Will Boruto succeed in reaching Mitsuki, or will their fight have lasting consequences?

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