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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Chapter 8 You’ll Need To Do It

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In the world of Boruto, iconic characters come alive with action in Chapter 8 of Naruto’s Next Generations Volume 1. The story plunges us into the heart of the action involving Momoshiki. To take down Kinshiki, Momoshiki unleashes a display of power that strikes fear into everyone’s hearts. Despite the Kage’s efforts in battle, they find themselves outmatched by Momoshiki’s strength. Initially, Momoshiki attacks Darui by stabbing a branch of the God Tree before launching an assault with fists and feet. Gaara steps in to defend with his sand. Momoshikis hair breaches Gaaras defenses, petrifying and restraining him before delivering a blow that sends him crashing to the ground. As Gaara moves towards Kurotsuchi and Chojuro for support, Momoshiki seizes an opportunity to ambush Chojuro from behind. When Kurotsuchi retaliates, Momoshiki intercepts her punch, grabs her throat with one hand, and delivers a blow to her chest that knocks her down.

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When Naruto and Sasuke confront Momoshiki, they observe a transformation in him after absorbing Kinshiki’s energy. When it comes to Naruto, Momoshiki was taken aback by how people referred to Naruto as a monster. He acknowledged that Naruto is an opponent.  Momoshiki fights Naruto where he grabs her while she begins to threaten him, after Naruto was initially abandoned. Initially, he finds his share as a pillow and gets thrown out of the house. Naruto leaps out of the way of Momoshiki’s swing, and as he prepares to attack him again, he uses his Six Paths Sage Mode. He counters by delivering a powerful punch that gives Momoshiki a hard time by sending him flying high in the sky. Along with Sasuke, the battle continues, and when he strikes, Momoshiki crashes into the shattered God Tree.

In response to this, Momoshiki carves a beautiful wooden dragon out of the tree, which Sasuke, in turn, easily disintegrates, albeit not completely, before he falls to one of the dragons. As Kurama has been fully accessed, Naruto cuts off the dragon’s head and frees Sasuke.  Before long, Momoshiki uses his senses to recreate their environment, hence forming a giant golem to fight them. The golem strangles Kurama before Sasuke saves him and, therefore, uses Susanoo to help Kurama break one of the golem’s arms. Houses went on using the sword slash from Susanoo to defeat the golem tender; this made Momoshiki collapse on the ground. These might leave Boruto shocked when Naruto and Sasuke defeat their avatars.

Naruto tries to clear up everybody’s understanding that they can’t win this fight no matter what they do. In response, Gaara and Chojuro argue that Kurotsuchi’s great collaborative technique will simply return them to the beginning. In the distance, Naruto notices his target, Katasuke, and the cameraman tagging along.” Katasuke fires several Ninjutsu from his Kote, ignoring Naruto’s advice, and Momoshiki accordingly rallies back to life. Subsequently, with a shadow technique from the Nara clan, the five Kage and Sasuke are bound, and with black shell-like devices, Naruto is immovable.

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When Momoshiki gets ready to unleash one last jutsu on the Kage and Sasuke, Boruto thinks back to Sasuke’s previous counsel. Ideally, this is the moment when Boruto has to act and do something (although the thought of him being the one to take action potentially isn’t disturbing in any way). Seeing Suzune is now more focused on the impending threat, Boruto begins to formulate his Rasengan. For an exciting continuation of the battle and to see how Boruto’s determination plays out, don’t miss Chapter 9 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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