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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Chapter 9 You Remind Me of

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The chapter 9 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga starts with Boruto Uzumaki launching a surprise attack of Rasengan on Momoshiki. He learned Rasengan during training from Sasuke, but Sasuke is not aware that he is capable of handling Rasengan’s power. This action of Boruto surprises Momoshiki. Chapter 9 is action-packed, showing that the Hidden Village now has a new Shinobi who can lead in a new way. Naruto believes that Boruto’s decisive action against Momoshiki makes it more effective. Sasuke looks at Boruto with urgency and determination, saying, “You need to do it,” because Sasuke has the idea that Boruto has modified the Rasengan.

Boruto charges forward with an energetic tone, taking the battle to the next phase. Momoshiki warns Boruto not to enter the battle, otherwise he will have to bear severe consequences. Boruto attacks him with his Rasengan, but Momoshiki absorbs it easily. Momoshiki does not like this action of Boruto and threatens him, saying, “You are all going to the same place.” Boruto’s attack with Rasengan does not reach him, showing that Boruto is not fully skilled in this Rasengan yet. His jutsu vanishes.

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After that, Boruto reaches his father and tells him that it seems Momoshiki cannot absorb jutsu. Here, Sasuke steps in and explains the situation. He reveals that Boruto has unconsciously altered the Rasengan technique. Thus, his jutsu is something amazing, and he will be able to manage it in a few days because that Rasengan is small and imperfect. At first, Sasuke thought that it was a failure, but he was pleased that it proved effective. Even Boruto is surprised at how he did it. Sasuke is happy with his disciple.

Momoshiki counterattacks and says, “Do not celebrate yet; you have only delayed your death.” He prepares for a powerful attack by consuming more chakra. Naruto encourages Boruto to make another Rasengan, but Boruto says that it will not be enough to tackle Momoshiki. This time, Naruto Uzumaki adds his own chakra to Boruto’s jutsu. Other shinobi of Team 7 also prepare to attack Momoshiki. Boruto tries to create another Rasengan, and Naruto adds his own chakra to Boruto’s jutsu, resulting in a massive Rasengan. Boruto says that he is not going to lose today. After seeing this big Rasengan, Momoshiki produces a massive jutsu of his own. He is sure that he can kill as many of them.

Sasuke rallies the team and warns that they have only one chance to strike. The final assault begins, and Sasuke leads the charge, dodging Momoshiki’s attacks and throwing his sword at him. Momoshiki dodges the sword and says, “Your moves are transparent, fool.” When Momoshiki dodges the sword, Sasuke uses his teleportation technique to switch places with it for a back attack, but Momoshiki anticipates this move and counters with a backkick. However, Sasuke’s sword was merely a disguised Boruto. This allows Boruto to get close enough to stab the Rinnegan in Momoshiki’s right palm. In a swift move, Momoshiki grabs Boruto by the throat.

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Naruto assures his son, telling him to do it again. Boruto Uzumaki tries again and approaches with the massive Rasengan. This helps him to escape from Momoshiki’s grasp. He then reveals himself to be a shadow clone and attacks Momoshiki with his jutsu. Boruto’s and Momoshiki’s jutsu clash. Team 7 watches as Boruto handsomely overpowers Momoshiki’s attack with his altered Rasengan. Momoshiki cannot handle this attack and gets destroyed badly. Boruto, on the other hand, gets injured too. His right arm is injured by the power of the Rasengan as well. Other comrades are happy with this win. Boruto says that he is not like his father, Naruto Uzumaki when it comes to talent. Sasuke says, “That is for sure; you seem quite different from Naruto.” Sasuke now firmly believes that Boruto is indeed like Naruto, demonstrating the same bravery and potential as his father because the soul of a Shinobi remains the same. “You remind me of Naruto.” As the dust settles, the story sets the stage for the next chapter of Borut Naruto Next Generations Manga, hinting at new challenges and the evolving dynamics of Boruto and his team in the aftermath of their intense battle with Momoshiki.

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