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Boruto Ambushed By Kawaki & Jura Knows Kawaki’s Secret

Boruto vs Kawaki

Jura Confronts Himawari in Boruto Two Blue Vortex

The brand new Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 9 promotional spoilers are here, and we’ve got a lot to unpack because the hunt for Naruto Uzumaki is beginning at a long end. Jura is confirmed to be pulling up into Konoha and looking for Naruto Uzumaki. Most importantly, he is now confronting Himawari. He’s aware of the truth that Kawaki never wanted to put out there! Jura knows Boruto is Boruto Uzumaki, and Kawaki is a fraud. He’s not giving up his search for Naruto Uzumaki, even if it means getting involved with Himawari Uzumaki, who is currently in his crosshairs. What does this mean for Kawaki? Will Kawaki’s secret of keeping Naruto sealed away to be exposed? Will Shikamaru call Boruto back to the hidden leaf village? Grab those ramen bowls for this newest promotional spoiler coming directly from V Jump magazine for Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 9, regarding Jura’s invasion of Konoha and Jura’s knowing Kawaki’s secret.

Himawari full power
Himawari Uzumaki confront
Himawari tells Jura
Haimawari revealed Boruto secret

Shocking Revelations and a Confused Himawari

Here, we have a brand-new official spoiler for the upcoming Boruto Manga chapter. Other spoilers, such as the two sets of promotional spoilers and the chapter leaks, will be out sooner than usual. So keep the notification turned on if you want to stay up to date on those official spoilers. These spoilers will be coming to us via V Jump Magazine preview for Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9. Overall, the image shows Jura and Hidari in the background, looking down at Himawari. Himawari is looking up in confusion at each of them, and we have a little speech bubble from Jura that contains a bombshell. So, on the right side, it says that the spiral of fate is Naruto’s beloved daughter, Himawari Uzumaki, and on the other side, it says a sign of evil creeping up on his daughter. We then see Himawari telling Jura that Boruto killed her father, and this is where it gets exciting. Jura is written as feeling strange about the reveal that Boruto killed his father and Himawari’s uncertainty at her words. We have learned that Jura has not been affected by Omnipotence. Jura is interrogating Himawari here, and he is reacting alarmedly to Himawari. She does not refer to Boruto as her brother. Her ironclad certainty that Boruto killed her father. Jura went into Konoha, searching for Naruto. He was pretty sure that Naruto was still alive because he could sense Bijuu Chakra inside Konoha.Β 

The Spiral of Fate & Kawaki’s Secret at Risk

Jura is confused and has an intense thirst for knowledge. He is likely trying to understand why Himawari had the Bijuu Chakra and why he mistook it for Naruto. Jura is doing just that, trying to get to the bottom of why a 13-year-old girl is someone whom he mistook for Naruto. The next thing that stands out here is the line about the spiral of Fate. That might be a clear sign of what the title behind Boruto Two Blue Vortex meant. It might be related to Naruto’s two biological children, Boruto and Himawari. Or it might be in relation to his two sons, one biological and one adopted since both of them were at the centre of the chaos of Omnipotence, which jump-started at the time skip. It is worth noting that Himawari is the first time we have seen the text of the spiral of Fate used in official previews.

Most importantly, it is a sign that confirms something that a lot of people pivoted to after the last chapter. Naruto’s youngest child, Himawari, is going to play an essential role in the story moving forward. The way that she is on the panel more times in the last eight chapters of Boruto’s Two Blue Vortex. Uzumaki’s siblings are going to have a role together at some point in the story. There are too many seeds being planted that likely grabbed your attention. Jura’s feeling weird by Himawari’s words that Boruto killed her father. She did not say Boruto killed our father. She specifically noted that Boruto killed my father. It serves as a nail in the coffin for a lot of people who are still out there saying that Himawari is unaffected by Omnipotence. Whenever Omnipotence was discussed by Momoshiki or by Eida, she literally told us in Chapter 1 that her memories are of Boruto saving her and Naruto from Delta, not Kawaki. She is the daughter of Naruto and Hinata just as much as Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata. Jura is not affected by Omnipotence, and this is where everyone who predicted that the Shinju were going to be immune to Omnipotence. They would have the same immunity that Mitsusuki has. There is a lot about the God Tree and the Ten-Tails.

We get the fourth ninja war information about the Ten-Tails. They are created, but the Shinju have the same immunity to the effects of Omnipotence as the Otsutsuski clan members. This bit of information is going to be very interesting. It dramatically raises the stakes and starts setting up a payoff based on what we were told before volume 2 about Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Online. When Damon warned Kawaki, hey bro, what are you going to do, man? When do these Shinju start coming to Konohakagkure, and when do they start looking for Naruto? That lie you have been telling for the last three years is about to get exposed, bro. You are going to be on fraud watch. My sister might care about you. But I am about to laugh when this happens.Β 

Spiral of fate

Jura’s Revelation & Memories Altered

Kawaki is in danger of being exposed because Jura is getting ready to start informing on Kawaki faster than that boy regrets it, saying I hope they forgive me what I did with Daddy on that track a few years ago. Kawaki, I do think he wakes up to a situation where Damon might be proven right. Jura says something that makes Shikamaru’s genius son, Shikai, start putting the pieces together and questioning everything that has gone on for the last two years. He realizes that their memories have been altered. It is not an impossible scenario. In fact, we have seen people such as Amado see all the evidence and realize that their memories have been altered for some unknown reason. Sasuke realized it, too. He heard the truth from Boruto and Eida’s Mouths. It is all Moto’s fault; he says that Boruto is the one who has my daughter’s DNA. But he knows that Kawaki is the same as Sasuke. Kawaki is supposed to be my student, but it is really dull, so they have to fight it day by day. Shikadai is going to have the same thing, but that might be the same thing. That might be the very reason why Team 10 is actually there: to have one of them figure out that their memories have been altered. Himawari tagged with the members of Team 10. it was all for potentially this moment. It has a lot of potential to start doing the one thing that Boruto wants: Shikamru. Shikamaru was like hey dude, you are better than me. If it were me, I would kill Kawaki. Boruto said they can only take Kawaki and put him in a position where he can get safe. Kawaki has to do the things that they want him to do willingly. Shinju shows up to Konoha looking for Naruto. He potentially leads to his secrets getting exposed. It was enough to set Kawaki off when Damon was pushing his button. When he wakes up, he learns that Damon is right because Jura ends up saying Kawaki does not want to get out. It is not going to end well.

Jura Revelation

Boruto vs. Damon & effortless Dodge

In the new official spoiler, Boruto vs. Kawaki kicks off in the chapter. Kawaki is once again getting embarrassed, and this might be the worst loss. He has been taken since Damon and Flex caught the Chakra. Kawaki summoned them from the dimension and shot them out using his Dojutsu. He shrinks and resizes them. Here, Damon catches those Chakra Rods with his teeth, which is a slap on Kawaki’s face. He appears to be catching Boruto off guard. So, he should have the advantage of using Jutsu. But Boruto literally seems unaffected by the attempted sneak attack. He does not just dodge but casually steps to the side without any appearance of shock. Boruto seems unbothered. He is stepping aside to avoid the blindsided sneak attack. Kawaki was not expecting Boruto to dodge that attack at all. Mitsuski was talking to Boruto about his concerns about Boruto fighting with Kawaki. Mitsuki has been training Kawaki for the last three years, and he is aware of Kawaki’s capabilities in terms of combat power. That is likely what Mitsuski did during those years of training. Mitsuski saw a glimpse of Boruto’s full base power, which was too much for Kawaki to handle. There is no reason for Kawaki to be drawn looking shocked as he does in the official Manga Chapter from the upcoming Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter. Kawaki is shocked that he just saw his ghost. Delta’s reaction does not seem so much as shocked as Kawaki’s. Why Boruto vs Kawaki is happening right now is that Boruto is now back inside Konoha, and Kawaki has decided to try to ambush him with Delta’s help. But that plan needs to be fixed. Somewhere, Damon is likely laughing, and Shikamaru is going because Boruto is both stronger than before and more skilled. To take him down, Kawaki does not challenge Boruto Uzumaki, which is an undeniable conclusion. We need to start asking how close Boruto is in base to Damon because both of them took out Code without any real issues. I have made the argument that Boruto did so with less effort than Damon. But to be fair, Boruto used Rasengan because it applies changing chakra shape to a high volume of Chakra.Β 

Memory altered secret
shinju threat
Boruto motive

Hidden Motives & Shinju’s Threat

Now, the next thing we have here is that Boruto dodged a set attack a lot easier than Hidari did in the same situation. Both Kwaki blindsided them, whereas Hidari had to jump out. Boruto sidesteps and casually turns around to face Kawaki light. He is the final boss looking at someone who barely has enough experience. That is going to be very interesting because we know that Delta’s body is modified. When he came to Konoha, she called her a great asset. So that would be the Redhaired Code. So, it is not wild to say that this Delta scale is above redhaired. But the biggest questions that still lie out there are Sharda Bijuu Chakra, Himawari full power, Jura full power, Damon and Boruto Full Power.

Boruto is back in Konoha once again. He is back in Konoha because something happened to Himawari. Jura just plucks her up out of the village, and Kawaki does not want to kill Boruto. He does not have the same connection to Himawari. He has tolerated her because he knows that she is Naruto’s daughter. He does not honestly like or care for her, and it is the same thing with Hinata. He tolerates her because she is Naruto’s wife. We have seen with Kawaki that when it comes to Boruto, it is a threat to Naruto. Boruto might have potentially seen a glimpse of the future and knew to return at this moment. Shinju could catch a glimpse of the future. He is tapping in at Shinju’s ability but can not see everything that is occurring. He saw enough to know that he needed to get back to Konohagakure to prevent something from happening more significantly. I am not expecting a full-blown fight between Boruto and Kawaki. I would be pleasantly surprised if that happened because Boruto made it clear after returning to Konoha. Now, it only makes it easier for one of the Shinju to consume them because it produces Chakra fruits. We are going to be getting another Mitsuki situation where he flexes on him by winning via restraint and defensive tactics. Sarada said to team up together to take down Shinju because he is a severe threat to the Shinobi world. 

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