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Boruto’s Karma is Changing

Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10 is rapidly approaching us, and as it does, the spoilers that we have gotten paint an ominous picture of what’s in store with Boruto. The Village is under attack, his sister is fighting her first battle against an enemy who is targeting her, Sarada is facing off with Hidari, and Boruto is forced to watch it all from the shadows because his karma seal has begun to go off. Boruto has shown that controlling the power of the karma seal is still one of Boruto’s biggest issues and burdens. It might be our biggest sign that Boruto is heading for destruction in a major way, particularly if he cannot prevent the destruction of his Village. That ultimately brings up the biggest question on everyone’s minds, which is, are we in a situation where Momoshiki made Boruto do the unthinkable after Sasuke was defeated by Code, as in, did Momoshiki make Boruto kill someone by controlling his body? 

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10 is out, and as you would expect, there were quite a few moments in the chapter, but one of the more interesting moments was when Boruto Uzumaki had his performance issues. He was not able to perform and there was still a moment when both wished they could do more than what they were currently capable of doing. Boruto is unable to participate in the battles that are currently ongoing in the manga between Sarada versus Hidari and Himawari versus Jura, which is why today, I wanted to discuss with you guys why this is indeed the best case narratively for the story and why from a craft perspective. That makes more sense than you might realize. So, if you are somebody who is annoyed that Boruto has been put on the sideline, this chapter is geared toward you. Now, as a reminder, this is not the chapter review, obviously, but some people need clarification. Boruto is written as scared of his Karma in chapter 10 to the point where he is breathing super heavily. He has got a sweat on his face. He is holding his karma seal, trying not to allow it to spread, and he is telling Shikamaru that he is not going to engage in the battles. Because he needs the rest, and this is one of the smartest decisions from a narrative perspective.

When we came out of the time skip, Boruto stepped on Code’s face and easily dodged Code’s attack despite Code activating his Karma seal. We had code fans who were saying that Boruto is scaling over Code. You are jumping the gun despite Boruto doing so easily without any concern, which was an indication that there was a power Gap. We saw him continue to toy around with the people. He was fighting by hacking around at the Claw Grimes. he casually blew Cod across the Village, literally telling him that killing him would be easy. It was when they awakened Shinju. They took turns battling, and Boruto, we saw him, appeared to have a little bit of trouble. He asked to code for help to destroy them. At the same time, Code could still annihilate them. Boruto, in the battle, was looking to Code for help. Boruto clearly is not using full power because he is not even using his Karma Seal. he just continued to flex on Mitsuki and Kawaki without having to use his Karma Seal, making Boruto strong in his base.

Boruto is in that position where he is scared of his Karma Seal. he is not being able to control it. He is sweating and flying across the Village. He is not going to leave Boruto. We see him telling Shikamaru that he needs time to rest. Kashin Koji is really worried with that expression on his face. This one decision allows Himawari to do the one thing that Kurama said figure out a way to channel his power to use it properly. That will enable Saradato to continue her fight against Hidari. She would have gotten towards Kawaki when it comes to her hate. It was fueling her Chakra because the stronger the emotions and particular hate, the stronger the Sharingan grows. The stronger the Sharingan grows opens up the door to see what her powers are because Boruto is not there to crash in and save the day. If you decide to have a class representative, Konohamaru does more than stand around. It is your chance to accomplish something of significance with them.

In this case here his internal conflict is rooted in the fact that he cannot control his Karma right now. He is clearly scared of using that power. Hence, it may be a situation where something happened in the time Skip. That lack of control over Karma is forcing a guy who wants to protect the Village from the Shadows. He has been preparing himself for the last 2 years after he took up his master’s sword. He vowed to continue his master’s Legacy. Momoshiki, in all of his glory, takes him to have control of Borut’s body. He is able to maintain control of Boruto’s body. It makes any potential damage that he does. While also adding more potential layers to the conflict of the Boruto versus Kawaki situation. because kawaki has told in this chapter that don’t you even worry about Boruto. Momoshiki takes over and does some damage. It is going to have Kawaki when Boruto is fighting from now on as well. We have two very consistent prerequisites where one of them is if they fight, it can lead to Momoshiki because he is able to control Boruto’s body. If his Chakra remains below a certain point, Momoshiki can hijack his body until Boruto’s Chakra gets back to a certain level. Boruto can then fight off Momoshiki for control if Boruto’s mental state of mind is too imbalanced. His Chakra is comprised of spiritual energy. If it is too imbalanced, then Momoshiki can hijack for a shorter period, as we saw in the past when he was trying to Gaslight Boruto and break him so he could force him to go into despair. So, Momoshiki could maintain permanent control over Boruto’s body. That is what makes you read Boruto Two Blue Vortex fights because you have to monitor both his chakra exhaustion from the way that he is fighting, which explains why he has to get as powerful as he is right now in base. That is the beauty of him having trained with Sasuke and Kashin Koji. Sasuke specializes in Yin chakra, and Kashin Koji is in Jiraiya Clone. Someone better at Yang Chakra, but Kashin Koji has shown a better aptitude for Yin-related Chakra. Whatever training Boruto did with both of these men would have been Yin related which means a heavy dose of meditation to strengthen the mind and raise the yin chakra. There has been a tweak made to Boruto, the boy who used to look so Invincible is now looking very much human and very much vulnerable. As more time goes by, we are going to see more chinks in his armor, and that is a very welcome site.  

Sasuke was Defeated By Code

code defeated sasuke

In the latest chapter 10 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, something dark happened to Boruto after the time skip. When he was at his most vulnerable, which is at that time, he and Sasuke fought against Code. Boruto was forced to run away during their battle. We saw what happened afterward. Boruto picks up Sasuke’s sword and vows to continue fighting and keep his promise to protect Sarada. That is why I want to bring your attention because that scene is going to be more important than we realized. More until during that time, he had just lost Sasuke, and that was a bigger problem. People learn because Sasuke is a more important person to Boruto, who Boruto aspired to be. Sasuke was also the bane of Momoshiki’s existence. When Momoshiki was attempting to Gaslight, Boruto despaired. he forced Boruto to give up control of his body by breaking his Spirit mentally. The thing that annoyed Momoshikimore was the fact that Sasuke was there to build up Boruto’s mental health by providing support to him When the entire world seemed to have turned its back on Boruto and wanted him dead. Momoshiki was absolutely fuming. Had Sasuke not been there from the start? It is possible that Momoshiki would have gotten the very thing that he wanted, which was Boruto to have fallen into despair. Because the support that Sasuke gave to Boruto Two Blue Vortex is what strengthened his resolve, Momoshiki in chapter 80 of Borouto: Naruto Next Generations Manga.

What do you think happened? When Boruto finds himself dealing with the combination of shame that he was too weak or, rather, too unskilled to stand beside his master in combat against Code? Knowing that his master’s defeat fell on his shoulders and, even worse, his inadequacy. That is what helps speed up Sasuke’s defeat when Sasuke tells Boruto that they can’t win this battle. What do you notice about Boruto? When you look at that, his karma seal is not cut on, and there is no indication that he even used the karma seal at any point in their battle. If things were that dire he would have used Karma and kept it on granted the entire battle except for Sasuke’s last moments. If there had been a battle that took place, he would have used the Karma seal, except if he was afraid to use Karma. Where Boruto’s mental state of mind would have been at that point? Where it would have been in shambles. He just lost the person who was helping him navigate through hell, he knew as Omnipotence.

Boruto, for the first time, would have been truly alone, with a certain parasitic alien sharing his body, gaslighting him in his mind, as we saw towards the end of Boruto Naruto’s Next Generation. For the first time, Momoshiki would have gotten the thing that he wanted Boruto’s mental state of mind to be weakened. There is a strong possibility that Boruto might have lost control of his body after Sasuke was Defeated. And even the possibility that he might have harmed someone when Momoshiki was in control. If Boruto did harm someone it adds more to his internal conflict. Because this provides a certain type of conflict that he is not going to be able to take a Rasengan. It also adds a different layer and a twist to the issue that we saw when Naruto was shown after the time skip using Nine Tails’s power. Read all chapters of Boruto Manga Online for free.

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