The Critical Turning Point in Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Kawaki’s Arrival Is Changing Jura Fight & Himawari’s Bijuu Power

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Kawaki’s Redemption and the Battle to Save Himawari

The brand new Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 release is here, and we’ve got a lot to unpack. On top of getting confirmation about how Kurama was reborn and the Sarada vs Hidari finally being here at long last, we also have a rather ominous moment with Kawaki being made aware that Himawari is in danger. Kawaki rushes off into battle to protect Himawari from Jura.

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However, lost in all of this is the fact that as Sarada engages in battle with Hidari, both Kawaki and Delta are rushing towards the battlefield to back up Himawari in this battle with Jura. There is more at stake than just Himawari not being consumed by Jura; so, too, is Kawaki’s atonement. Let’s start with this newest Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga discussion. I want to talk to you about a rather interesting development from the last manga chapter, Chapter 10 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, which is the reveal that Kawaki and Delta have been sent to find Himawari and provide her backup against Jura, who is after the Nine-Tails fox that is deep inside of her.

We see for the first time that Kawaki is showing a bit of emotion towards Himawari and is rushing into the fight with an enemy he knows he cannot defeat due to an earlier encounter. Yet, he is rushing headfirst anyway, which is significant enough to point out because of the implications of this upcoming battle and what it means to both Kawaki’s looming fall from grace as well as his redemption.

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We have all known that the possibility of Kawaki crossing paths with Jura was inevitable from the moment Jura set foot in Konoha. Kawaki now has a rare chance to redeem himself in the eyes of fans. This battle with Jura to save Himawari is an opportunity to earn back some of the goodwill he lost with many Naruto fans when he, in a moment of panic, cast the omnipotent Shinjutsu on the entire world. This made Naruto’s son, Boruto, appear as Kawaki in everyone’s eyes, and Boruto was believed to be the ungrateful outsider who betrayed Naruto and killed Naruto and Hinata. From that moment, many fans found themselves unable to root for Kawaki anymore. They felt he wasn’t a likable character, especially since he knowingly framed Boruto for the death of Naruto when Naruto was still alive. Kawaki was the one who sealed him away.

Kawaki’s actions were intentionally meant to get under the skin of a lot of fans. It was to give fans a reason to root for Boruto, who at that point was not the most sympathetic character. They also painted Kawaki in a morally grey light, splitting the fandom between those who saw a desperate and conflicted soul with limited options and those who saw someone who crossed the line and required punishment to make things right. Shikamaru voiced the latter aspect of the fandom when he told the audience that if it were him and Boruto, he would kill Kawaki for everything he did.

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Shikamaru was speaking for that side of the fandom. However, the narrative chose this moment with Kawaki rushing off to save Himawari to show that there was still hope for Kawaki, rooted in Himawari Uzumaki, the youngest child of Naruto. Himawari isn’t just the new Jinchuriki for the Nine-Tails; she is also the last ember of hope for Kawaki’s eventual redemption. It’s a great balance of what I have often said: truly good writers know how to utilize both the show and tell aspects of writing. When done right, it can add more layers to the story and the characterization, which is what’s happening with Kawaki right now. For someone who has gone past the Rubiconβ€”the point of no returnβ€”Kawaki has to save Himawari. He shoulders much of the blame for the current reality and is at a point where he must see through killing Naruto’s son, Boruto.

If he hadn’t, everything he had done over the last three years would have been for nothing. He is already planning to unseal Naruto and bring him back into a world where his oldest son, his firstborn child, is seen as an outsider who betrayed Naruto and killed Naruto and Hinata. This is someone Naruto saw Hinata holding as a baby and scolding them for playing various pranks on the Hokage monument. Kawaki must save Himawari if he is determined to kill Boruto. She is the one person he cannot allow to die for any reason, especially after looking Naruto in the face and telling him he was going to kill his son, even after Naruto said, “If you’re going to do that, you will have to kill me first.”

To make matters worse, Kawaki then proceeded to take Boruto’s life and erase him from everyone’s memories except for Sarada and the class representative. Boruto was set up to be scared, alone, and hunted down due to Momoshiki’s soul inside his body, burdening him with a fate he never asked for. Kawaki must ensure that Himawari survives these current events because if he wants any hope that Naruto might forgive him, both of Naruto’s children cannot be dead.


It’s bad enough that Naruto wasn’t able to protect his son because he wasn’t there, but eventually, Naruto might see the logic, even if he never accepts it. Again, no father would assume that their child has to die. The logic is that there was no other way. One way or another, Naruto was faced with making the same decision as Minato, putting the Hokage position above his child, or as Hashirama said, he would kill his child for the village’s sake. Naruto is in a similar situation, showcasing that he is a unique Hokage. However, Boruto continues to be a threat to the global population because Momoshiki can still hijack his body, and the risk of ending all life by creating a chakra fruit still exists.

Naruto’s Hokage peers, including Gaara and his best friend Sasuke, each told him there was no other way other than to kill Boruto, with the Byakugan suppressant drugs only buying Naruto some time but not solving the problem. It was merely a temporary measure. Eventually, a decision had to be made, and Kawaki took matters into his own hands. Right or wrong, what Naruto can never accept is that his youngest child, Himawari, had to be taken away from him while he was sealed away and unable to protect her, not because of something he did but because of someone else’s actions.

Whereas Boruto’s death might be justifiable, something Naruto might come to grips with in time, Himawari’s death is different. By sealing Naruto away, Kawaki took away his choices and his privilege as a father to protect his child. He told Naruto, “I know what’s best for you, even if you don’t.” Can you say to a father that losing both of his children was the best outcome for him, especially someone who grew up without a family?

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Kawaki needs to protect Himawari for his selfish reasons but also for his humanity’s sake because she represents both his guilt for Naruto’s situation and his capacity to care for someone other than Naruto. This battle with Jura is so interesting because it sets the stage for Kawaki’s downfall. Losing Himawari or even having her in danger could significantly impact his character. If he fails to save her or struggles to protect her and someone else has to step in, it adds to his feelings of inadequacy, layering his character for the inevitable explosion.

Consistently, there is a gradual buildup to Kawaki’s explosion. We’ve asked what the trigger for Kawaki will be. Being beaten down by base Boruto and embarrassed by Boruto didn’t do it, nor did Jura put Kawaki to sleep like a toddler. Something happening to Himawari might be the trigger. She will forever be a target due to Kurama’s chakra. Whether she is harmed, there is a connection to Kawaki’s eventual snap.

Hints go as far back as Boruto looking relieved to see Himawari doing well. Maybe it’s Delta and Kawaki being defeated while protecting Himawari or Himawari being turned into a tree and her chakra being absorbed. Perhaps Boruto swooped in to save the day and even saved Kawaki at the last second, or Himawari figured out the truth about omnipotence during the fight. There is something significant about Kawaki’s eventual explosion. The question is whether there will be more layers added or if we are in the endgame of Kawaki’s explosion. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. For a detailed analysis and discussion of the latest events, including Kawaki’s redemption and Himawari in danger, visit here.

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