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Unveiling the God Otsutsuki: Shibai’s Power and Legacy

Outsutsuki is an alien race that destroys every planet where they go, especially where they find Chakra. How do they do that destruction? They plant a seed called Ten Tails seed and sacrifice one of their own to it. Once the sacrifice is complete, the tree starts to absorb the life energy of all living beings on the planet. That kills everyone on the earth, and their Chakra is gathered into the tree, which we can call the Divine Tree. The tree also produces a chakra fruit, which we call the God Fruit. When an Otsutsuki eats the God Fruit, their power level increases dramatically. We have seen all of this in the anime series and manga, but there was one panel that caught our attention. It showed an Otsutsuki with a lot of horns, and we wondered who he was. We can see that he has a unique Dojutsu, which could be a Rinnegan or a Jogan. It is hard to say for sure, but I’m leaning towards Jogan. We know how powerful Jogan is, so this Otsutsuki must be incredibly strong.

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We have learned so far to get a better understanding of where his power comes from and what happened to him, so who is Shibai Otsutsuki? Well, as explained, Shibai is an Otsutsuki, all-powerful, not that he rules over the Otsutski. he attained his power through karmic Resurrection. he traveled several Millennia, devouring chakra foods from each planet, constantly upgrading himself and continually resurrecting himself using the karma seal. He became an Otsutsuki God. The same Otsutsuki got the Peerless existence that Isshiki told him to become by harvesting all the chocolate fruits in the entire solar system. Now, in regards to Shibai Otsutsuki, it seems as if it installs feed in another Otsutsuki to the god Tree in order to produce a chakra fruit. It looks as if he fed himself to the tree instead, which is why he underwent multiple karmic resurrections. That is the only way this would make sense now. It seems to be fine here, but what was explained to us earlier on in Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations is that Otsutski travels in pairs. For this very reason, one of the Otsutsuki is always fed to the god Tree in order to produce the fruit. The remaining Otsutsuki would take the fruit back to the clan. Now, what it seems like is that Shibai was also a rebel, similar to Isshik. i they were not planning on bringing any chakra fruits back to the clan. They wanted to take them for themselves. So this would explain why Shibai had a partner as with other Otsutsuki. he traveled alone con, queried the cosmos, and took all the fruits for himself. Now, this doesn’t mean that Shibai never had a partner. It is highly possible that he betrayed that partner and fed him to the tree and then went off alone to conquer the rest of the solar system or the Galaxy or the Universe. Whatever you want to call it, so this also opens the door to having theories about who that partner was. How strong was he, and what happened to him?  Now, Amado also said that she bought various abilities that were quite incredible. It said, without needing to weave hand signs as with Ninjutsu, he generated storms with the wave of his hand and could even call forth Thunderbolts with just an angry Roar. These abilities were given the name ninjutsu; such Godlike abilities were neither Ninjutsu nor Sage Arts. They were phenomena equivalent to Divine Miracles. he then explained that Eida’s Dojust ability and her lovability, along with the daemon’s reflection ability, are all ninjutsu abilities that came from her by himself. That was done by transplanting Shibai’s DNA into the bodies of Eida and the Daemon.

He also explained that Code Claw marks are also Shinjutsu. Those are the abilities that were passed down to Kawaki by Isshiki. Armada was able to do this because he somehow had access to Shibai’s body. He left behind because what they explained later on it that Shiba was no longer with us. He is no longer in this plane of existence, as confirmed by Momoshiki. which means that Shibai is dead. It is also possible that by becoming so powerful by transcending the physical form, he no longer needed a tie to the Physical Realm. he became so powerful that a physical body, a vessel, meant nothing to him. so he ascended and left his body behind deliberately. Now, this is really far-fetched, then. It is just like another scale of power when it comes to the Naruto power system.

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It is just mind-breaking, to be honest. Just imagine someone being so powerful who no longer requires a body. Otsutsuki, basically, became a literal God, a spiritual being, which leads to a very interesting theory, which is a very popular character in Naruto Manga. We don’t need to get into that right now, but all we need to know is that Shibai is a very powerful Otsutsuki. he seems to be the only Otsutsuki God known to all the Otsutsukian so far, or maybe even known to us. Momoshiki may know of other Otsutsuki Gods. Because, let’s be real here Momoshiki knew about Shibai. he never told us until a model decided to tell the different characters. So, it is still possible that there are other Otsutsuki gods out there. It doesn’t seem to be that these gods are just like singular beings that are omnipotent, meaning that they are the strongest beings in the entire Universe; what it looks like is that anyone is capable of becoming a god. Well, any old Otsutsuki, as long as they absorb enough power. That is what seems to be the case here for Shibai. Now, if someone did, in fact, kill Shibai, I want to know who that person was. That leaves open another door for another theory as well.

I have some theories on the AbilityAbility, not even being an Otsutsukii ability, to begin with. Because something about it doesn’t make sense, this chapter of Boruto Naruto Next Generation manga series just opened the door for multiple theories. A full chapter review to get into everything, but you know, some technical difficulties happened. and I just decided to break it up instead because I’m sure you guys have heard everything about the chapter so far. You guys have watched maybe multiple chapter reviews. You don’t need another one. So we are just going to break it up and speak about individual things. I think it is very important for us to get into it. For example, this one regards Shibai Otsutsuki. Where does his power come from?  Otsutsuki is several Millennia years old, which means that he is likely older than Mitsuki and Kaguya because Momoshiki implied that he had been around for over millennia. At the same time, it is implied that Otsutsuki has been around for several Millennials, which means that he is older.

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Another thing we know for a fact is that Shibai Otsutsuki has the abilities of Daemon and Eida and the Code. Since their abilities came from his DNA, it is directly implied that these abilities came from Shibai himself. It wasn’t implied that these were some sort of genetic mutation, which means that he didn’t have those abilities. Although that could be the case, and a mother doesn’t know what he’s talking about. which I doubt is the case, to be honest, Shibai Otsutsuki so far has the AbilityAbility to reflect. Otsutsuki can use the Sharingan to see into the past and also see the present time. It also can use claw marks to travel through dimensions. Otsutsuki got his abilities from Shibai. I do believe they may have similar skills because it seems as if Shibai has the Dojutsu that Isshiki has. Now, people think that this is definitively stating that somehow Isshiki got his Dijutsu from Shibai. At the same time, omitting the fact that there are multiple Otsutsuki that have Rinnegans that do different things. So, these eyes may look alike but have different abilities. So they may have the same skills, but they are not from the same person. If you understand what I am saying, all in all, Shibaa is absolutely broken. He is an absolutely broken character with all these abilities. Now, it is still open here whether he has Eida’s lovability because what Momishiki implied is that it’s not Asian due to AbilityAbility. Which could also mean it is not a suitable capability.  Eida’s AbilityAbility, so look out for that later this week. All in all, this is all the information we got on Shibai Otsutsuki.

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