Kurama’s Rebirth Inside Of Himawari, Kurama Lied To Naruto Uzumaki

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Himawari’s Hidden Power Awakens in Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Kurama has been reborn as a baby nine tails and is now inside of Himawari. Jura has begun fighting the members of team 10, who are doing surprisingly well as a result of their battle! Boruto vs Kawaki reveals that Boruto is afraid of using the karma seal. We have a major hinted return of an OG character from the Naruto franchise who was one of the biggest Naruto villains in the entire Naruto manga! However, how did he return, and why was he allied with Boruto? Boruto Two Blue Vortex has everything needed to leave you with the cliffhanger that you never knew you needed with chapter 9 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, especially with Kurama’s rebirth and Himawari’s Bijuu Powers! Grab those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend for this newest Boruto Two Blue Vortex discussion as we explain every sign that led to Himawari having Bijuu chakra and Kurama’s rebirth that a lot of fans are overlooking!

Signs Pointing to Bijuu Chakra

When it comes to the youngest child of Naruto Uzumaki, she is a character that has had a bit of trouble with Power. Phantom said that she is not a Shinobi and does not have Byakugan. As we all know, Naruto brought peace to the Shinobi world and the universe, and there is no need for her to be a Shinobi. Now we have Himawari being confirmed to have Bijuu Chakra. So, moving on through, what were the signs that Himawari had Bijuu Chakra? Looking back at the story, there are definitely signs that Himawari had some special power inside of her. There is a monster power in Himawari, so in the story, that pointed toward Himawari having a bigger role in the future and that she would be the one who had Kurama Chakra and not Boruto Uzumaki. Something was different about Himawari. It came all the way back when Himawari awakened her Byakugan. Naruto realized that something had happened to his babies and that his children might be in danger. Naruto looks at his youngest daughter Himawari’s eyes, who now has her Byakugan activated. She rushes toward Naruto and knocks him unconscious. Hinata checked on Naruto; all of Naruto’s chakra points were shut off at that moment. Hinata raises an eyebrow because, typically, this is only something that a true master of Byakugan could accomplish. Most importantly, she also shut off access to Kurama and knocked out Kurama with the attack as well.  That is not like Neji when they shut down all of Naruto’s Chakra, where Naruto was still able to borrow Kurama’s Chakra to get through the rest of the fight.

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Himawari’s Doll Obsession and Kurama’s Rebirth

Himwari knocked out Naruto’s Chakra, which was much more powerful but locked up behind the cade. This Kurama is the Kurama that has the Nine Tails Chakra. Some people believe that Naruto did not have Nine Tails. Madara extracted the Yin Kurama from Naruto, which was sealed into him in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga Series. After he was born, Obito sealed the Yin Kurama into Naruto and defeated the Yin. Bijuu chakra was located so Naruto could access the Bijuu whenever Naruto asked Kurama to assemble the Bijuu. Himawari shut off this Chakra with a single strike. It could only be done if there was something different about her and Kurama being in fear of her afterward.Momoshiki looks over at Naruto; he says you are not going to be able to pass on that Power to the Next Generations. Naruto is losing Kurama; he is looking at Naruto as if passing down the Power to his son Boruto Two Blue Vortex, the way that Kinshiki was able to pass on his Power to Momoshiki. It was clan law as far as their transfer of Power. At this point, people find it odd that Naruto could pass on the Power of the Nine Tails. Momoshiki only saw the future because he was not looking at the Himawari when he made the statement, which makes it more symbolic. There was a super strong desire for Himawari to get herself a Kurama doll. She comes off as very weirdly obsessed with that doll. When Himawari gives one of her reasons for why this doll is so special to her, she replies it is because the Kurama doll can be cared for like a baby. Kurama even refused to give Naruto Chakra when Naruto asked for it to catch a missing ninja. But her obsessive attachment to the doll, the doll being a baby, and Kurama right now. Being a baby inside of Himawari, she had a baby Kurama doll inside. Naruto works hard to get her Kurama doll. That is the most time that she has spent with her father, Naruto Uzumaki. She was very much disappointed that she did not get the doll initially. 

How Himawari Inherited Power (Byakugan)

By teaching a child a hidden Jutsu, the Akamichi clan, the Nar clan, the Yamanaka clan, shadow possession Jutsu, the mind transfer Jutsu, and the mind Transmission Jutsu for each respective clan. But you had others like the Hugo clan who passed on their clan KK Genkai via genetics. She was just born with it and did the same with the Sharingan, or you had a parent like Kakashi’s father who passed down his Tanto to Kakashi. Naruto’s daughter had already passed down something very special from her mother, Hinata. She inherited Hinata’s Byakugan through her genetics. But Naruto, at that point in the story, did not have anything to pass down to his daughter. He was never taught any of the Uzumaki clan’s hidden Jutsu, in particular, the ceiling chains that Kashina had. Naruto was able to use them through Kashina Chakra when he attempted to fight against Nine Tails. It is not a hidden Jutsu that Naruto was never taught because nobody taught him how to use those chains. He did not teach his daughter the Rinnegan because Himawari showed no signs of wanting to be a Shinobi. So, it is pointless to try to teach her Jutsu. The only thing he could try to give her was a Kurama doll. Naruto struggled to get a baby Kurama doll, and three years later, Naruto lost its big boy, Kurama. Himawari finally has her baby Kuramanot the way that she wants it, but she has it nonetheless. The other small symbolic sign that Himawari was going to be destined to have Kurama comes from Boruto Naruto Next Generations and Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga series online. 

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Himawari’s Strength Emerges

Let’s take things further in the chapter where Daemon declares that Himawari has a monster power inside of her. Boruto makes a point to say to Daemon that he would not be talking so tough if he ever met Naruto. The monster power inside of Himawari, which we know as Kurama’s Chakra, Boruto Two Blue Vortex, was wrong about there being nothing special about his sister. Something happened to her, and she was super strong, but she did not know it just yet. The next sign that we have is the fact that in Boruto’s Two Blue Vortex,  she is shown having grown of combat skill training to become a shinobi versus the others in her generation, like Team 10. Despite only being two years older than Himawari, they were getting trained by their parents to be shinobi. Chocho refers to Himawai’s attack as being heavy. The first thing that Naruto says when he takes a hit from Jigen is his hits are so heavy. When Himawari learns to draw the Power of Nine Tails particularly, they believe that the Chakra inside of Himawari is equivalent. Kurama has been reborn as a small Fox instead of a large body, as we see when Bijuu is normally reborn. Why has her Chakra fascinated Daemon so much since Naruto had Kurama? This explains why Jura senses the Chakra so strongly in another dimension despite Kurama actively trying to hide his Chakra.

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With the release of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9, the biggest bombshell that we have is the reveal of Kurama reborn. What I feel is some very much-needed perspective on the core aspect of Kurama’s character. I am not just talking about the whole Bijuu; the narrative has already been established in Naruto’s Manga. We all know that Kurama is a Tails Fox. In some stories, it is considered to be a messenger of the Gods that can bring good luck, but it is also considered to be the wisest and most influential. However, a lot of folklore also prints different pictures of the beast. It is known as a trickster, and it is mischievous, but which of these you get depends on the number of tails. Fixes, including Katsune play tricks. They are not above the line. Kurama was lying back. First, he lies to Naruto that it is because both of them have died. But in reality, it was just Kurama. Naruto starts to say this means I am dead. Kurama immediately cuts him off in the manga and says he specially came to Naruto to say farewell. In the manga version, Naruto says Kurama killed his parents. Kurama tries to pretty it up by saying that he never said that Naruto would die. Which is why Naruto says Kurama misled him just like a Fox. Kurama is fading away. He tells Naruto to be careful, or else he will end up joining him in no time. In the past, when you read Naruto’s manga, there was a lot of hidden text because Kishimoto mixed in lettering. Kurama tricked him into thinking that it would be Naruto who died because he gave him the option to choose. Kurama closed his eyes before he offered Naruto the information, which was another sign that Kurama was playing another trick. Kurama was literally Naruto’s father in that one shot, and Naruto was a baby, Fox. It was a full-circle moment. Kurama, in the chapter, implies that he was hiding another trick from Fox. But why was he hiding inside Himawari? That might have been a part of the trick plate on Naruto. His only concern at that point was Iishiki, and he was dead.

Boruto Karma seal was extracted, and Kurama’s Power was enough to deal with Momoshiki. He did not say that he would stay dead, which is the big distinction in the chapter. Kurama tells half-truths, particularly when he believes that Naruto would be firmly against him. Kurama might have shared Himawari’s Chakra. He manifested outside of Naruto’s body like he did when he spoke to Kawaki. He puts his Chakra inside of her. If that is the case, it breaks the lore that sharing Bijuu Chakra does not make a Kurama. This time, Kurama is not emerging as a Calamity but to help stop one in the form of Shinju that is going to bring about global calamity. 

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