Boruto’s Inner Battle Against A Devastating Karma Power

Boruto uzumaki the shinobi

Boruto’s Fear of the Karma Seal Revealed

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 spoilers have been released, which I have already discussed. It is time for us to take a look at an ominous moment which have grabbed the intention of a lot of guys/ it is the moment where Boruto is shown freaking out when his Karma seal is activated. After activation, he flew away from the battlefield before his karma could activate fully. With a panicked expression on his face and watchful eyes, Kawaki raised a lot of questions there. In this blog, we are going to talk about the significance of Boruto’s actions and his fear of using the Karma Seal. We have to discuss this here because Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 9 has confirmed for us that Boruto has been purposely going out of his way not to use his Karma Seal. This chapter, as a result, lets us know that Boruto is indeed a time bomb. We are now getting Boruto and Momoshiki’s problem teased in the narrative itself, and Boruto is still able to maintain control of Momoshki’s power. People who were with Boruto in the past know that when he was a child, he learned jutsu very fast, and he had to make a brand new Jutsu from scratch. He picked up things very quickly and made a Rasengan. But here, he struggles to control the Karma Seal. We all have something that we fear that is either beyond our control or something that we fear. He pushed himself to be strong as quickly because he wanted to be strong enough to win fights without having to rely on Momoshiki’s power, unlike his father, who grew up dependent on Kurama’s Chakra.

Boruto and Kashin Koji
Boruto's Resengan

What happened in the past, and despite so many people being upset that Boruto has not been able to control Karma? This power destroyed his Rinnegan, and this power is what was almost used to kill his father. This power was used to free Kawaki when Sasuke was going to drive his sword into Kawaki’s neck if he continued resisting. The super genius brilliant Boruto realized that Mod was responsible for suppressing Momoshiki’s influence. The big problem with that, though, is that it is something he learned a little too late. Now, we are in a situation where he might have accomplished his goal of gaining the power to take the Jigen Plus level. His presence at Orochimaru’s hideout with Kashin Koji implies that this man has been cooking up something for his plan to combat the Shinju, Kawaki, and The Code. It is a double-edged sword because the Boruto Uzumaki has become stronger because of Momoshiki’s power. However, the issue is that Momoshiki inevitably hijacks his body until he is able to wrestle control back from Momoshiki. He is trying to recover his strength. He goes to Konoha and starts fighting with Kawaki. The Karma Seal cuts the Toad on his shoulder, which Kashin Koji is using to monitor everything. All the signs point towards the fact that Boruto is not able to control Momoshiki’s influence. Boruto’s residence is still a very, very dangerous thing we saw in Boruto Naruto’s Next Generation. Even Isshiki was controlling the Jigen’s body. Boruto, due to the residence with Kawaki, was progressing way too fast, and Kashi Koji was freaking out over the residence. That could be the landmine for Konoha. Three are some concerning points about how Boruto, during his time, skipped, met with Kashin Koji and why they went to see Orochimaru. It gives us a chance to see what Kashin Koji learned during the time skip. Boruto suddenly uses Karma, and this moment raises the question of where Momoshiki was this entire time because he has not been mentioned throughout part of the story despite him being such a crucial piece at the end of Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations. It makes you wonder what kind of training dod Boruto underwent with Sasuke for a year that he trained with Sasuke. Sasuke got turned into a tree. We know that Sasuke taught all of his Jutsu to Boruto. Suppose there was something else concerning Sasuke’s training. He would have been mindful of Boruto’s Chakra levels during the training. He might give him another Kunai for his eye or other arm like his father. Why was Kashin Koji the one working with Boruto? Boruto might have learned the natural energy to run avoidance to rely on Karma Seal. It is the concept that the Karma itself is Otsutsuki. They are reborn or upgraded from the genetic material of the planet where they have harvested the Chakra fruit. Similar to Orochimaru with his lining corps Jutsu, where he takes over a body and is able to keep his own body. Had he taken over to Sasuke Itachi as he initially wanted to, Why did Naruto and Koji go back to Orochimaruto to find the answer to their Momoshiki problem? Boruto gets scared, Kashin Koji panics at the sight of Boruto’s Karma spreading, and Kawaki flat-out wonders if Boruto is able to use Karma. It sets the stage for something monster to happen in terms of plot twists. 

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Boruto davastating power
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Kawaki Painting Boruto as a villain

Boruto offered to have Kawaki join forces with them, and how quickly Kawaki shot down working with Boruto without considering it. Not only is Kawaki making a giant mistake, but he is also behaving like a coward. His pride is being set up to have him taken down in the future. Boruto told Kawaki that they needed to be teamed up to protect the Hidden Leaf Village. Because the most significant threat is going to happen soon, so much could have been avoided. Had Kawaki agreed to work with Boruto. He took the stance that because he still believes and views Boruto as a threat to the villagers. He lost trust near the end of Boruto Naruto’s next generation. He asked Boruto, especially if Momoshiki was there, and Noruto lied to him. He asked the question because he already knew the answer. He wanted to see if Boruto would lie to him. It added more fuel that Boruto still has Momoshiki’s soul attached to his body. He is totally apprehensive because Kawaki knows how easily he defeated Code. Are we in a situation where Kawaki is trying to pull a cowardly move? That adds a layer to Kwakis’s character. But he had Sarada and Shikamaru, and they are working together to save Konoha. He knows that Sarada has been running around for the last three years to defend Boruto. But the elders are stuck as they come from the heroic era. It works all in Kawaki’s favor. It makes it a lot easier to have Boruto Killed. It is Kwaki’s goal and Naruto’s goal. He knows that he will not use his full power against Konha. Kawaki has to catch him at the right moment when their guard is lower or when their attention is diverted. He quickly made it a point to say that Boruto was aligned with Shinju, who attacked the village. Kawaki has been trying to cover up his life for the last three years. He realized what happened to the murders of Naruto and Hinata. It is why Eida said that she was disgusted with Kawaki in Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations in chapter 80. The boy turned her on for being brave and clever when he stood up against Iishiki. Now, turning her off as being a coward. Eida was wavering and thinking about Boruto, saying that she wanted to meet Boruto. Mitsuki asked her why she loved Kawaki. Damon’s words about the Shinju coming to Konoha and asking questions about Naruto. He said thatBoruto was standing there right where the Jigen was murdered. Boruto’s chakra is erased, and he is once again trying to paint Boruto as the bad boy. He has already been suspicious of the sensory unit having a mole in their ranks. Who was working with Boruto Manga Online? White, we, as the audience, know that Kawaki’s concern was unfounded.

Because Boruto had no contact with Shikamaru and Eno, Kawaki tries to hide the mole by helping Boruto, and there are more details about how the mind transmission of Jutsu works. Kawaki starts to plant seeds to make Boruto look like he killed Konoha Shinobi. People are for Boruto to pay for the crimes of killing Naruto and Hinata. It is what Shikamaru told Sarada in the Hokage office. It is the will of Konoha and the elder. The same thing happened to Shikamaru’s crimes. It is dramatic irony the people in the universe do not know that Kawaki frames Boruto. He is 100% killing Boruto. Here are the things that are a driving factor for Kawaki, but his behavior stresses Boruto Two Blue Vortex. It is attaching him to the Shinju, having killed the Konoha Shinobi Comrades, Boruto, at the scene of the murder of those shinobi, saying hey, those are your friends. Are they not Boruto? Boruto Uzumaki is going to get the blame. Read Chapter 9 to know more details of the Arc.

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