The True Reason Kurama Chose Himawari Over Naruto, Boruto Two Blue Vortex


The Revival of Kurama: Examining the Controversy and Narrative Impact in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Here, bringing you another Boruto Two Blue Vortex discussion today. I want to talk to you about this big elephant in the room, which was the decision to have Kurama respawn inside of Himawari. The explanation of how he was inside of her body. Kurama is back alive in itself. It caused quite a stir in the community, with half of the fandom in utter outrage and the other half going. Kurama was brought back to life. None of that was going to be acceptable to them. However, I do not see the problem with Karama dying or the explanation given for his Revival. I do know where the dislike is coming from. There is this belief that Kurama is alive. It cheapens the cost of baryon mode and the sacrifice that Naruto made to be able to defeat Isshiki. Some people believe that Isshiki’s defeat means a whole lot less. I think that Kurama’s return and his explanation work is that it doesn’t cheapen his death against Isshiki. It doesn’t make light of the pain that Naruto experienced and the pain that we, as readers or viewers at that moment in the Manga and Anime, respectively, felt. It doesn’t make Isshiki look weak by dying the way that he did.

himawari with kurama

I will explain why I feel as strongly and why I think that the narrative did the right thing by leaning into the controversy in the way that it did in chapter 10 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. Death, when done right, is an amazing tool as a writer that you have at your disposal to raise the stakes and make new character interactions and just shake things up; in general, it is why an editor will tell a writer that when characters have outlived their usefulness to either write them out the story or you just kill them off in a way that is befitting of their character Arc. which shown intend to do the former since death tends to be a controversial thing in battle Shonen. When it happens to someone, especially in the main cast or, in this case, they are a Legacy character. However, Kurama dying, it made perfect sense. Naruto’s pain made sense it was earned. This Revival does not take away from that because it was a full-circle moment for Naruto as a character. It is hard to remember this, but Naruto was not born into this world as a Jinchuriki. He was made into one against his will and without any say-so.

In the matter shortly after he was born his mother fought his father to prevent this from happening. His status as a Jinchuriki was a direct cause of so much of the pain and suffering that he had to endure along his long, bumpy road to be Hokage. It built up such a strong morale for his character that he has. Naruto’s part of why he can stand on business is because of all the trials and tribulations. He went through as a Jinshuriki. One could make the argument a very strong argument, in my opinion, that had Naruto never been a Jinchuriki. He would not be the Naruto who we all know and love today; that weight and that fate that was lifted from Naruto’s shoulders when Kurama died. Trading his life to play a key role in defeating the greatest threat to the ninja world that it had ever seen, Isshiki and Otsutsuski. 

Naruto, for the first time in his life since the first few minutes of his life, was no longer Jinchuriki anymore. Kurama was gone; the connection to the Bijuu sanctuary that Kurama was the key to and the guardian to it was gone. Naruto, for the first time in the 33 years of his life, was no longer Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage. The Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, who had chakra, the Nine Bijuu, made him a pseudo-Ten-Tails JInchuriki. He was now simply Naruto Uzumaki, the seventh Hokage. The war hero is a much bigger deal than people realize. Allow me to shed some light on the moment when Naruto found himself looking at this photo of his father, Minato, and his mother, Kushina, shortly after Minato was made Hokage and thinking to himself that he was a worse Hokage. Then, his father, for that very reason, that Naruto was a Jinchuriki and Minato was not.

sasuke and naruto

Minato did not come from some famous Clan, Naruto’s own words that are not head Cannon. Minato was a rare generational talent that happened to pop up out of some random no-name family that nobody gave zero about in the Universe, the Namakazi clan. This mythical flying unicorn Clan did not have some fancy Kakki Genkai like the Sharingan wood release. His clan did not have some fancy hidden Jutsu like the Mind transfer Jutsu, the expansion Jutsu, or the shadow possession Jutsu. A Hokage did not directly train Minato. Naruto, on the other hand, came from the Uzumaki bloodline, the clan known for their ceiling Jutsu and being the distant relatives of the Shinju clan. He was born with a strong life force. He was born with a large chakra pool. He was born with the rare chakra that Kushina possessed, which made her stand out even amongst the Uzumaki Clan. Naruto had been trained by the same legendary master that Minato was taught by. But he was also trained by the future Six Hokage as well. He was born with Asura Otsutsuki Chakra. Naruto felt that had it not been for those things he would not have become Hokage. At this point, Kurama steps into the story of Boruto Two Blue Vortex and tells him how much he is wrong. Because Kurama says that all those things are not, why did Naruto become Hokage? Kurama tells him that even if Naruto lost Kurama’s chakra, he was still more than worthy enough to hold the title of Hokage and more than worthy enough to hold the title compared to any of the six Hokage that Kurama had seen before Naruto. He goes as far as to say that Naruto never had Kurama’s chakra. He still would have become Hokage. Naruto seeing Kurama die gave Naruto the freedom of that small voice in the back of his mind. But losing Kurama lifts that weight off of Naruto. He came into this world not being a Jinchuriki. Now, he was allowed to leave this world, a world without being a Jinchuriki. He, for the first time, had the chance to live life simply as Naruto Uzumaki. The struggles that Naruto went through before this do not go away. They are still with Naruto. They still mould him into the diamond that he is today. Kurama coming back does not make Isshiki look weak. Isshiki went into a battle against Shinobi, and Kawaki defeated him. He used Shinobi Jutsu to trick him and finish him off. Going back to an Isshiki was controlling Jigan’s body.

What was the thing that made him the most annoyed? It was the Shinobi trickery that Sasuke and Naruto used that almost killed him because Sasuke figured out the weakness of the Sukunahikona. It was Shinobi trickery by Sasuke that saw Isshikii blinded by the Dojutsu, blinding the smoke bomb because Sasuke and the manga placed the smoke bomb at his feet before switching with Kawaki and instructing him to throw it. So it can blind Isshiki’s Dojutsu to allow him to escape. Sasuke gets his Rinnegan stabbed because it also blinds Sasuke’s Rinnegan. After all, the smoke clouds were still in the air when that happened. Kawaki took the opportunity to use a shadow clone to catch Isshiki off guard and made him believe that he had cheated death by giving Kawaki’s karma seal. When he just marked a shadow clone, it gave Kawaki a chance to stop Isshiki from existence and deal the final blow to him. Naruto uses Baryon mode, a power given to him by a fox Spirit. In Japanese mythology, Fox Spirits are wise tricksters, in particular, the ones with Nine Tails. They are the trickiest, and they are the smartest. It all goes back to the Thematic reasoning of ninja trickery.


Kurama’s Return in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex: Exploring the Impact and Implications of His Revival Inside Himawari

When Kurama showed up inside Himawari in Boruto Two Vortex Manga, he told her that Bijuu did not die, which is established in Naruto’s manga. They might die temporarily, but they do not stay dead. What we see here with Kurama is that he was brought back inside Himawari. But he said he believed that she might have been born with part of his chakra. It is a roundabout way to reintroduce the concept of transmigration, just as Naruto was unknowingly born with Asura chakra. But this time, it was not some random moment like Asura and Indra’s chakras, just floating through chakra space. That was the first known moment in the series of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, where a male Jinchuriki had children. Up until this point, it was always the women. We were told that they had complications when they had children.

The idea of something like that happening with male Jinchuriki. It makes sense and explains why the Hokage never allowed male Jinchuriki to have kids. We have four Hojkage who had a child. His grandchild shows up in the hidden leaf Village Arc. That Arc is Canon to the manga, but looking at the Timeline itself. We know that Yagura became a Jinchuriki in the time after RIn died, with the three tails inside of her. Yagura looked young, but his age was never confirmed. If you look at the Timeline, we know that there was a 17-year gap, but Yagura was not made a Jinchuriki at Birth because he had already been the three Tails Jinchuriki by the time that Obito met him in the years after Rin died. He was already Hokage. He looked young, and given Hokage’s age. He would have already had a child before Obito was controlling him and before Zabuza attempted to kill him. We do not know if he had that child right before he got made into Jinchuriki or afterwards. I would venture to say it was the former; for that reason, I do not really see an issue here. Because Himawari is an only child, we know with absolute certainty that it was confirmed to be part of the Bijuu chakra from a Jinchuriki. I think it is fine that this is the case. Boruto Uzumaki was also born with part of a seed inside of him, but Boruto has not been turned into Otsutsuki and has his body altered genetically. It would have blocked that which made Himawari the candidate for the transmigration the whole process. Why did the seed that was inside of her suddenly begin to sprout? I am curious to know how you guys feel about this, though. 


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